Words with ... Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods reacts to missing his birdie putt on No. 1 green.

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Tiger Woods reacts to missing his birdie putt on No. 1 green.


Q: What was the course like today?

A: I just thought the greens were so slow. Yesterday they were so quick and dried out and today they were so much slower. And that was before it even rained. Once it rained it got even slower. From the first eight holes I think I left every putt short. I had a hard time getting the speed and being committed to hitting the putts that hard when they were that fast yesterday afternoon. …

Q: I know you’re not a ‘what if’ guy, but looking at it now, the sequence at 15 (on Friday that resulted in a two-stroke penalty), what did it mean for your Masters?

A: Well, we could do that 'what if' in every tournament we lose, so we lose more tournaments than we win out here on tour, so that's just part of the process and I'll go back to it.

Q: Do you think about it at all, the two shots?

A: No, not when I'm playing. No. Absolutely not. I got to focus on what I need to do, what where I need to place the golf ball and shoot the lowest score I possibly could at that moment.

Q: What do you take away from this week?

A: That I played well. I certainly missed my share of putts today, actually this week. I also made a bunch, too.


Tiger Woods’ finishes at the Masters since his last victory in 2005. He has won four Masters titles.

Year; Place; Year; Place;

2006; T-3; 2010; T-4;

2007; T-2; 2011; T-4;

2008; 2;    2012; T-40;

2009; T-6; 2013; T-4;