Tech awards 10 single-digit jerseys, including No. 1 for Gibbs

Georgia Tech running back Jahmyr Gibbs wore No. 21 during the 2020 season. (Hyosub Shin /



Georgia Tech running back Jahmyr Gibbs wore No. 21 during the 2020 season. (Hyosub Shin /

Georgia Tech has issued 10 new single-digit jerseys to Yellow Jackets players, including three running backs and four wide receivers.

Running backs Jahmyr Gibbs (jersey No. 1, from No. 21), Dontae Smith (No. 4, from No. 28) and Jamious Griffin (No. 6, from No. 22) have been awarded the prize single-digit numbers by coach Geoff Collins, which are given to team members deemed to be great leaders and teammates. The new assignments were revealed on the team website when the roster was updated Monday in advance of the start of spring practice, which was to start Tuesday morning but was delayed by COVID-19 protocols.

The four wide receivers are grad transfer Kyric McGowan (No. 2), Malachi Carter (No. 7, from No. 15), Nate McCollum (No. 8, from No. 88) and Avery Boyd (No. 9, from No. 89). The others are linebacker Quez Jackson (No. 4, from No. 44), defensive tackle T.K. Chimedza (No. 5, from No. 93) and cornerback Zamari Walton (No. 7, from No. 21).

Teams are allowed to have two players in the same number provided they don’t play the same position and aren’t on the field at the same time.

Boyd, Gibbs and McCollum all earned the symbols of leadership despite joining the team last year as freshmen. Likewise, McGowan arrived in January as a grad transfer from Northwestern.

New team members have all received their jersey numbers. For the transfers (besides McGowan), the numbers are as follows:

Linebacker Ayinde Eley – No. 10.

Defensive end Kevin Harris – No. 11.

Cornerback Kenyatta Watson – No. 12.

Offensive lineman Nick Pendley – No. 64.

Offensive tackle Devin Cochran – No. 77.

Defensive tackle Makius Scott – No. 90.

Early-enrollee freshmen:

Quarterback Chayden Peery – No. 16.

Safety Kaleb Edwards – No. 22.

Defensive lineman Josh Robinson – No. 27.

Linebacker Trenilyas Tatum – No. 40.

Linebacker Grey Carroll – No. 49.

Offensive lineman Weston Franklin – No. 72.

Offensive lineman Jakiah Leftwich – No. 75.

A number of returning players have also taken advantage of the change in jersey number inventory to change their numbers, as well. They include:

Defensive back Wesley Walker – No. 13, from No. 39.

Defensive end Jared Ivey – No. 15, from No. 35.

Running back Devin Ellison – No. 22, from No. 32.

Running back Tony Amerson – No. 28, from No. 45.

Specialist Austin Kent – No. 47, from No. 48.

Kicker Gavin Stewart – No. 88, from No. 46.

Defensive tackle Ja’Quon Griffin – No. 95, from No. 92.

Wide receiver Ryan King – No. 14, from No. 84.

Defensive back Jalen Huff – No. 21, from No. 38.

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