What reigning MVP Matt Ryan had to say

On the walk-through at the stadium and how long it took to adjust to the Georgia Dome: “As a rookie you are trying to adjust to everything. Every stadium that you go to is new. Every experience that you have is new. For me, I’ve been down there before and I’ve kind of gotten a feel for some of the stuff. But to be down there with the guys and get used to where you are set up at in the lockers and know where all you stuff is pregame, to get into your routine, to get out onto the field and get a feel for where the play clocks are, just that kind of stuff. Get a feel for your surroundings. I think we’ll be able to adjust to it pretty quickly. I think we all are looking forward to it. Like everybody else, we’re really excited to get in there.”

On teammates reaction: “One, they are going to love it. Teammates, players, coaches, fans. Everybody is going to love it. It’s pretty amazing what they did. I think probably the biggest thing that you walk away….at least for me the biggest thing I took away was the Halo board. Seeing that for the first time, the size of it, the scope of it, how clear the picture is, the graphics that they could do on there, it’s pretty special.”

On the new locker room: “Yeah, I had some good times in the Georgia Dome for sure. I’ll have great memories of playing in there with a lot of great players, especially in that locker room. But hopefully the best memories are to come and they’ll be in the new stadium. Such is life, you move to a new place and you get used to it pretty quick.”

On playing in the third game: “I’ve done it different all years. It’s always been a little bit different. It just depends on where we at in camp and what’s going on. But that’s Q’s decisions and he always does a great job with that. He has specific plans for those guys, but I don’t worry about that. For me I will get myself prepared to play like I would in the regular season. Then make sure that forever long they ask me to go out there and they ask our guys to go out there we’ll be ready to go.”

On if he has a preference:  “No, it doesn’t ….I’ve played enough games. I’ll be OK.”

On balance getting work and getting ready for the season: “As a player…that’s a coaching staff, organizational decision. I think as a player you go play every play the same way. With the same intensity. I this sport, there is no real way of kind of holding back. You have to go give it everything that you have every snap. I don’t’ worry about that. That’s where you have to trust in the staff, trust in Dan and what the guys are doing. They have a plan for the work that they want us to get done. In the past I think Dan has always done a great job of getting us prepared and fresh and prepared to play week one.”

On facing Arizona: “You want to go against go teams and good players to kind of sharpen your skills. We get tested every day by a pretty good defense of our own. They sharpen our sword for us pretty well. It will be a good test. Saturday will be a good test for us. We’ll get a chance to evaluate and see where we are at and see what we need to improve on as we keep heading on into the season. They certainly do have a lot of talent on that defense.” 

On the offensive line: “I think it’s huge, continuity on the offensive line, when you have guys that played next to each other for as long as some of our guys have. That experience is critical in game situations. They can just trust each other. I think our offensive line has done a great job throughout training camp. Obviously, there is a lot of competition. Our guys have kind of stepped up to it. I think everybody’s level has risen as a result of that. It will be a good test for them again on Saturday. (Arizona has a) really good defensive front seven. Our guys will need to be up to the challenge, which I’m sure they will. They’ve looked great in practice and they’ve looked really good in the games so far and I’m really proud of the way they’ve competed.”

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