What Dan Quinn had to say after the 33-30 loss

Here’s what Falcons head coach Dan Quinn had to say after the 33-30 overtime loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday: 


Opening Statement:

“This stings today for our team. We want to pride ourselves in being very aggressive in all three phases. We certainly had our opportunities to finish today and we fell short of that. We’ll give credit to San Diego. I thought they played a hell of a game. I had belief in our guys in all three phases. We were going to be aggressive and keep attacking.”

On the decision to go for it on fourth down:

“Honestly, we had real belief we were going to make it and keep the drive going and keep extending it. Just a gut feeling that I went with. It didn’t work. We can second guess it; that’s easy to do, but it was more of a mindset. I have such belief in the guys to go get aggressive and get that half-a-yard that we needed so when we didn’t, that was a costly mistake.”

Credit: Curtis Compton

Credit: Curtis Compton

On how much they were succeeding offensively played into his decision to go for it on fourth down:

“That didn’t have a factor in it on that particular time. It was really just a factor of: I think we’re going to get it and this drive is going to keep going, and we’re going to go finish with some points at the end of it. Same thing happened at the end of the game where we had some opportunities to go get aggressive. I thought Matt Ryan hit two good passes to go down and we took a shot at a long field goal but it was in that same vein of staying aggressive is why we went (for it).”

On whether they had considered going to another play:

“It was a different play in the same personnel group.”

On how he settled on that play:“I just thought we’d have a good shot. We had a good look at a good run on that one. We didn’t execute like we can. We had the look there and what we wanted, and we liked the call. We just didn’t execute it and they did. It wasn’t a matter of if we had a different one. Obviously in those times you can throw it. We just thought, ‘hey here’s a chance for us, let’s get behind the line.’ They made a good play too. I’ve got to give them credit as well.”On whether this is the other side of the Falcons:“Well we certainly don’t want to be that side. I understand your question and that’s why it stings so much. We had our opportunities to finish this ball game and the penalties were for sure a factor, their third down that one time we were way better than 50 percent, I think finished somewhere 8 for 15. I’d say it was a combination of the penalties, sure, (they) put (us) in some long-yardage scenarios offensively. What’s disappointing about those are some of them are pre-snap. We know we can control those. For us, we had our shots we thought to finish this one and that’s why it stings so much.”

On what he saw in the breakdowns on defense:

“We’re going to give credit to San Diego. We certainly had some technique errors as far as some of the scheme goes. We intend on getting that fixed, but like I said I’ll give them credit too. The big play ones are the ones that you don’t have to allow the explosive plays where there might be a coverage. We’ve got no issues at all when a guy makes a really good play and a really good catch. That’s ball as we know it. It’s the ones where maybe we didn’t play it exactly like we want. Those are the scars that you don’t want to have.”

On whether it has to do with the lack of communication or youth:

“I’d say neither. I’d say it has to do with execution. We have belief in the guys and we have plenty of time left in the system. We’ll go back. We’ll get those ones corrected. We’ll look at those tomorrow. There were some good stops too. I was pleased with the defense. We had an interception, and we had a defensive touchdown. I don’t want to paint it all in the negative, there were some good plays made by them as well.”

On how he thinks the team will respond to back-to-back losses that came down to the end:

“I knew we were equipped for it and that’s why this team is so different. They’ve got such an edge about them and such a connection to one another. We’ll go right back to the process that we had. Like I said we’re going to give credit to San Diego today. That one definitely stings. But as far as our team goes, we are right back into the process of getting ready again. The crowd was into it for us. It was a big factor for us today. We’ll need them again this week.”

On going for it on fourth and one:

“I definitely did yeah. It was one of those times where I wanted to stay aggressive, and I wanted to get that message sent to the team. So when it comes down today where we didn’t get that one, that’s part of living the life that we live here. The guy made a play to get a stop. It was just really a message of how much I believe in our team.”

On what the numbers tell him:

“On fourth and one, they’re awfully high, less than one. That you’d convert and our history (shows) that as well.”

On any update on Tevin Coleman’s injury:

“It was a hamstring. I don’t have an update for you. I have not visited with the medical staff prior to the press conference so I don’t have an update for you on that.”

On whether he could’ve returned to the game:

“It didn’t seem like he could’ve returned in this game. If he could’ve he definitely would’ve. He’s that type of competitor.”