Quinn responds to McKelvin’s ‘front runner’ barb

Falcons coach Dan Quinn said he wasn’t concerned about cornerback Leodis McKelvin calling his team a “front runner” after Philadelphia’s victory on Sunday.

“We are for damn sure not going to allow anyone else to determine our team identity,” Quinn said Monday. “We’ve got a tough outfit. We know what we stand for as a club and we’ll leave it at that.”

Following the 24-15 victory, McKelvin told reporters that he urged his teammates to keep making stops because the Falcons eventually would fold.

"I was telling the defense, this is the type of team, they a front runner" McKelvin said, according to NJ.com. "If you go out there and make some stops, they eventually are going to be dying down."

McKelvin’s interception of Matt Ryan’s pass clinched the victory for the Eagles. McKelvin told reporters the Falcons ran the same play twice in a row.

But McKelvin dropped two potential interceptions earlier in the game and Falcons wide receiver Taylor Gabriel beat him for a 76-yard touchdown catch. McKelvin said he “got greedy” on the touchdown play.

McKelvin is from Waycross.