Coleman amassed 163 yards to power the offense

Falcons running back Tevin Coleman was feeling just fine immediately after the game.

He stayed hydrated and he couldn’t feel any ill affects from the sickle cell trait that’s in his blood.

“He’s doing great right here after the game,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “The normal outcome for him. He was tired, but he played really hard.”

The Falcons planned to keep him hydrated paid off.

“We have real trust in our medical staff and Tev, too,” Quinn said.

With Coleman feeling fine, he thrash through Denver’s defense 10 times for 163 yards and a nice 31-yard touchdown grab. Denver’s linebackers were not match for Coleman, who had catches of 48 and 49 yards.

“The offense is definitely clicking better than it ever has,” Coleman said.

He caught four passes for 132 yards and ran the ball six times for 31 yards.

Coleman only caught two passes as a rookie.

“Definitely, even though I haven’t been doing it a lot that’s what I’ve been working so hard to do, run routes and catch the ball,” Coleman said. “Kyle is putting a lot out there for us.”

Coleman looked like one of the receivers on his 31-yard touchdown catch.

“When the linebacker came up on me, that’s when I knew,” Coleman said. “I was ‘oh yeah, I’m getting this ball.’ I knew I was getting the ball.”