What Paul Johnson said after the Alcorn State game



Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson's comments Saturday following his team's 41-0 win over Alcorn State:

Opening comments:

“I think anytime that you can win a game and win it in pretty dominating fashion, that’s a positive. At the same time, I was disappointed in the way we played offensively, for sure. I thought the defense, we played pretty well for the most part. We did miss some opportunities, missed a couple turnovers we could have had. Missed a few tackles. Some organizational stuff – we had to burn a couple timeouts there in the second half with 10 on the field. All that stuff should get worked out and get better.

So we’ve got to make a ton of progress from week one to week two as the competition will continue to ratchet up as we continue to pay. For as many guys as we had returning on offense, that was a pretty sloppy performance.”

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On redshirt freshman B-back Jordan Mason:

“He started out the first series. He got some nice runs and made some nice cuts. He did some good things. He’ll learn from that. It’s his first game. Down on the goal line, we struggled a little bit trying to run the thing inside when it was supposed to go outside. Those guys who haven’t played, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. He hadn’t played. Those guys that have played for two and three years, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt.”

On offensive performance:

“We didn’t throw the ball well, we didn’t block well, we turned too many guys loose inside at times. We got too much pressure when we did try to throw. We didn’t throw well. Yeah, we converted some third downs and we scored. We should. We should be able to move the ball and beat those guys.”

On ‘interesting’ calls by officials:

“Not going to get me on that one. Next.”

On offense making plays off individual effort and not from line blocking:

“I don’t know about that. You had long runs on the pitch and they knocked the corner and the safety down. You had a couple quarterback draws where they got people blocked. It was just inconsistent. I wouldn’t blame just the offensive line. There was more than enough to go around.”

On quarterback Tobias Oliver’ career debut:

“Tobias did a great job on the drive taking the ball down. He was elusive running the ball down and getting it to the goal line. I was a little disappointed with the fourth-down play, but Tobias is very capable. I’ve got confidence in him in the option game and, like I said, the fumble on the pitch, I’m not sure was his fault.”