What Georgia Tech players said after the Alcorn State game



Post-game comments after Georgia Tech's 41-0 defeat of Alcorn State Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium:

Wide receiver Brad Stewart on his touchdown reception, off a scramble by quarterback TaQuon Marshall:

“Oh, gosh. It felt like it was sitting up there for ages. We have a very athletic offense and we make plays when they’re needed and TaQuon (Marshall) got out of the pocket and was running around and I just happened to be open and it just felt like it was in the sky for about an hour. We’ve just got to continue to make plays like we have been.”

Stewart on the offense’s inconsistency:

“We did not have the best first half that we possibly could have and, as seniors on the offense – because we have a lot of leaders and a lot of guys coming back – that was unacceptable. So we clearly picked it up and we started to execute and communicate a lot more consistently and we just continue that from the first quarter now. I think we’re going to get ready this week and it’s going to be a great week.”

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B-back Jordan Mason on his career debut:

“I felt like I played good. I had a little mistake, a little fumble. But just to have my family here and me scoring a touchdown, that’s everything to me. I felt good.”

Safety Kaleb Oliver on interception return for touchdown called back on penalty:

“I was still pretty ecstatic because it’s my first collegiate game. I was happy just to get an interception, my first collegiate interception. But it’s OK. It’s just effort. I’m glad that my team was showing effort to block for me.”

Linebacker David Curry on his unit’s play:

“I think the linebackers, there was no falloff from your 1’s (starters) – we don’t like to say 1’s, 2’s and 3’s, because everybody plays. But from guy to guy, I felt like there was no falloff like you usually have. I felt like everyone ran to the ball. Everyone played well. JaQuan Henderson, his nickname is ‘Sonic.’ I don’t know if you can see it, but he’s fast as lightning. I thought he played really well. I’m very happy with the linebacker play. Very aggressive and we ran to the ball.”

Quarterback TaQuon Marshall on pitching to the A-backs, whose top trio of Qua Searcy, Clinton Lynch and Nathan Cottrell gained 83 yards on four carries:

“The (Alcorn Sate) guys were taking me pretty hard. From me carrying out my fake to me actually having the ball, they were coming down pretty hard. So I just put the ball in the guys’ hands and let ‘em run. As you can see, it was pretty successful.”

Marshall on the Tech defense:

“The defense was flying around. I thought they did a phenomenal job getting us back on the field. 2 of 11 for Alcorn State on third down, that’s pretty dang good. They were getting the ball back in our hands. We had some pretty good returns, so it was exciting to be able to be on the sidelines and watch the defense work. Especially with the new defense, just seeing the guys fly around and just have fun with it. Because it looked like they were having a lot of fun out there. I was super excited about what they were doing.”

Linebacker Brant Mitchell:

“Personally, my open-field tackling wasn’t too good. I’ll say that right now. We had a lot of missed tackles. Me personally, I did. So not the best day. The ones we did make in the open field, I just feel like we’re flying around with a lot more confidence than we did last year because in practice, coach (Nate Woody) emphasizes so much on just running to the ball. You take your shot. There’s always going to be somebody there to tackle him if you miss it. I think confidence was a big key in really being successful in open-field tackling (Saturday).”

Mitchell on freshman defensive lineman Quon Griffin:

“Ever since he’s been here, during camp, he’s a kid that knows how to fly. He’s aggressive. He’s got good moves inside the box. Came out (Saturday) and made some really good stops, made some key stops for us.”