Williams looks to be more assertive

After Marvin Williams was noticeably more aggressive during a three-game stretch to begin the month, he declared that he had his “mojo” back.

Williams’s production had been up and down entering Sunday night’s game against the Spurs. Coach Mike Woodson said he wanted Williams to be more assertive.

“He needs to not take a backseat to his teammates,” Woodson said. “It’s not about calling plays. [Shoot], I played 11 years and I got one or two plays called for me.”

It looked like Williams got the message.

He came out with energy against the Spurs and scored 18 points in the first half. Among his baskets was a dunk over Richard Jefferson and a jump shot at the halftime buzzer that gave the Hawks a 53-51 lead.

“I’ve just got to get myself geared up mentally because physically I am healthy, thankfully,” Williams said before the game. “You’ve got to make sure you hit the ground running in the playoffs.”

Still hope?

Woodson held out hope of catching the Magic for the Southeastern Division title despite sitting four games back with 14 to play entering Sunday.

“We still have a legitimate chance,” Woodson said. “But we would have to win out and they would have to fall on their face. I don’t see that happening.”