Hawks have stake in draft tiebreaker drawings on Friday

The most significant drawing of ping-pong balls for the Hawks isn’t until next month, but they have a stake in the NBA draft tiebreaker drawings on Friday.

That’s when the Hawks will find out if their lottery pick will be no later than sixth or seventh overall (tiebreak with the Mavericks) and if the pick they acquired from Minnesota will be 18th or 19th overall (tiebreaker with the Spurs). The Hawks also own the No. 30 overall pick via Houston. 

The drawing for the draft lottery will be held on May 15 in Chicago. The Hawks have a roughly 14 percent chance of winning the top pick and about a 42 percent chance of winning one of the top three. The tiebreaker with the Mavericks will determine the latest each team will pick in the lottery if they don’t win one of the top three. 

The draft tiebreaker drawings will be carried live on NBA TV at about 5:45 p.m. Friday.

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