Gobert touched recorders, microphones two days before positive coronavirus test

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NBA Suspends Remainder of Regular Season Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The NBA suspended its season Wednesday after Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. Just two days earlier, Gobert joked with reporters by touching recorders and microphones following a formal interview. The interview with Gobert seated at a table was done after the four major professional sports league adopted a policy limiting locker room access because of the concern of spreading COVID-19.

The NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB limited reporter access to players, requiring that interviews be done outside the locker room and with a 6-8 foot space between athlete and media. The adopted rule required a table or podium near the interviewee for recorders and microphones to be placed.

As he was leaving the interview, Gobert made a point of returning to the table and placed his hands on all the recorders and microphones, an obvious joke.

Gobert was ruled out of Wednesday’s game at the Thunder because of illness. It was later announced by the Jazz that one of their players tested positive for the coronavirus causing the postponement of the game. It later was revealed that the player was Gobert. Shortly after, the NBA suspended its season.

One reporter in attendance when Gobert touched the recorders and microphones said he planned to be tested for the coronavirus.

On Thursday, the Jazz announced that every member of its traveling party was tested for the coronavirus. It was determined that one player also tested positive. The player, unnamed by the team, is star guard Donovan Mitchell, according to several reports.