Poll: Braves are third-most popular Major League Baseball team

Apparently, Atlantans are not the only ones who love the Braves.

For the second straight year, the Braves rank as America's third-most popular team in a Harris Interactive Poll of baseball fans.

Leading the list for the eighth year in a row: the New York Yankees, followed by the Boston Red Sox. The Braves and Yankees are the only teams to rank in the top 3 every year since Harris began polling on the topic in 1999.

Rounding out the top five in this year's poll of 2,227 adults surveyed in June are the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs.

The least popular teams in the poll were the Houston Astros, Florida Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays, although the Harris organization notes that since the survey was limited to the U.S., "it is therefore no suprise that the Canadian team placed last on this list."

Alas, despite their popularity, the Braves aren't seen as a World Series contender by most fans in the poll. The pollsters also asked respondents, "Which team do you think will win the World Series this fall?" Only 6 percent like the Braves' chances.

Thirty-four percent said the Yankees, followed by the Red Sox (10 percent),  the Tampa Bay Rays (9 percent), St. Louis Cardinals (7 percent), and the Braves and Phillies at 6 percent.