Braves quotes after Sunday’s 4-0 loss at Miami

MIAMI — Braves quotes from Julio Teheran, Jason Heyward, Andrelton Simmons and manager Fredi Gonzalez after Sunday’s 4-0 loss to the Marlins.


On losing to Marlins and Brad Hand

“He had some depth on his fastball, and early on he made us swing, put the ball in play. But we had runners on second and third there (with no outs) and our best hitters up, and he pitched out of it.”

On Teheran

“Teheran just gave up four runs, and most nights he’s got a chance to win the game, but this is a … we’ve been shut out, what, four times in six games, something like that? I thought the game was right there, an opportunity to get back in it or to go ahead. We didn’t have any productive outs there.”

Teheran cruising through four innings, and then…

“The fifth and the sixth innings. I think he gave up four hits in the fifth, then started the sixth with back-to-back hits, got Stanton out, then back-to-back hits. I don’t know if he pitched after that. But we didn’t score any runs.”

On keeping Stanton under wraps, but still losing series and season series

“He’s the guy that I thought Roger has had an unbelievable game plan against, not only in the series but the whole year. And they can say about Freeman on their side, because these are the guys you focus on and say, don’t let these guys beat you. I think we have a couple of more guys that can beat you, Justin or Gattis, than most lineups. But we did a nice job with (Stanton). In critical situation we were able to get him out.”

Is losing season series to Marlins more a reflection of their improvement, or your team’s play, or both?

“Well, I think their team is better (than in past), there’s no question. I think their pitching staff is a lot better. And they’ve got some guys that are getting better, Yelich and Ozuna and obviously Stanton in the middle of the lineup. And I think Red (manager Mike Redmond) and (pitching coach) Chuck (Hernandez) have done a great job with those young pitchers.”

What did you notice with Julio when wheels started to come off, after he retired 13 in a row and then gives up seven hits to next nine?

“I didn’t notice anything in particular that I could pinpoint why he gave up seven hits to the next nine batters. It’s just one of those things, that usually doesn’t happen to him.”


On cruising through early, then allowing a flurry of hits

“I felt really good. Even later on I felt like I had good stuff and was trying to make pitches and make an adjustment.”

Just a matter of you missing with pitches?

“I missed a couple of times and they got hits on me. I got in a little bit of trouble and they decided to take me out. That’s something I can’t control.”

On showing frustration in dugout when he came out of game

“Sometimes that’s the reaction you get from the game, when you get in trouble you just want to fight (through it). When I get in trouble I want to fight and I want to get out of it. Sometimes it’s a bad reaction, but it happened…. Sometimes I control (the emotional reaction) and sometimes I can’t.”

Does team not scoring a run in your past two starts weigh on you or you just look at what you can do?

“Yeah, I look at more what I can do, what I have on my hands, what I can control. That’s their job and I worry about my job and just try to keep the team in the game, give them a chance to score… I just worry about getting outs and scoreless (innings).”

Has the lack of offense become frustrating?

“I get more frustrated when I don’t make pitches, when I get men on base and try to get a ground ball and I don’t make pitches. That’s when I get frustrated.”

What happened when they started getting so many hits today?

“The way that I was pitching today, I was using my fastball more. Later in the game they were right on my fastball…. My slider was working too. Later on the in the game when I started to use my slider more, that’s when I started missing a little bit.”


On missed scoring opportunities

“There weren’t many, but the opportunity was there. All it takes is one, one time. It didn’t happen today. It’s not going to go unnoticed obviously, because we’re in a very tight race. Unfortunately, today’s over with. We’ve got to go get them tomorrow.”

On Marlins winning season series

“It’s a good team in my opinion. Good pitching, they play good defense – I would say above average at their positions – and timely hits, man. Obviously they’ve got guys with home runs and RBIs, but they also have guys that are going to put the ball in play, and they base-hit you to death sometimes. Definitely a good team, in my opinion.”

On Teheran

“He was fighting a pesky lineup to hold them to little to none. We had a chance to tie it up for him there and we didn’t get it done. But it’s tough. He battled for us and they were able to get to him. That’s the kind of team they are. They’re pesky, but they can deliver a big blow.”

On Marlins pitcher Brad Hand

“I would say the only thing he had going for him today, outside of him throwing well, was us not facing him a whole lot in the past. But again, there’s no excuse. Nothing special about what he did well other than he threw well, he threw the ball over the plate, made pitches. Pitchers do that, sometimes it’s going to go their way. But again, we didn’t need a huge hit in that one situation, we just needed to get a guy in one way or another. Free put that ball in play, I thought that was a tough read to get in on. We wanted to get it done, it just didn’t happen that time.”


On the Marlins winning season series, doing little things well

“They do the little things good, they put up good at-bats, everybody throughout the lineup. There was no easy out.”

On missed Braves scoring chances

“We had some opportunities. We didn’t capitalize, and you’ve got to give it to them – they did a good job, too. Hand threw a hell of a game. The relievers did what they’ve been doing against us, which is pretty good. But we’ve got to step it up, though.”