Braves quotes after Saturday’s win against Mets

Braves quotes from Andrelton Simmons, A.J. Pierzynski, Williams Perez and Fredi Gonzalez after Saturday’s win against the Mets.


On his big night, three hits including triple, double

“A lot of running, a lot of moving around, just energy expended. But it’s good because we won, and that’s the biggest thing.

Fun out there doing that at 38?

“Yeah, it’s fun to play. I still like playing. Still enjoyable, it’s still competing, still fun to go out there and see what you can do. I mean all these guys now are young and so full of energy. When you get a little bit older, you’ve got to figure out when to conserve it and when to use it.”

On falling short of the cycle

“Jonny Gomes summed it up – try again next year.”

“Biggest thing, we won. Simmons had four hits – three BIG hits. And the win is the most important thing.”


On getting his second four-hit game in eight days, both against Mets

“Worked the counts, tried to do the right things every at-bat, and I got good results. I did the right things, had the right approach.”

When you’re thick and 38 like Pierzysnki, will you be hitting like he did tonight?

“When I’m 38? (Laughs.) I wish. That’s what I’m going for. He was great. He felt fast tonight. He didn’t want to start running. He was stretching doubles into triples and taking the extra base, going home on a shallow fly ball – he was doing it all.”

On getting nine hits from bottom half of lineup tonight

“That’s the kind of ballclub we have, everybody makes contact, everybody in the lineup makes contact. I mean, we give ourselves a chance and good things happen.”

More on Pierzynski

“It’s the first time I saw him run that much. He was literally all over the place. He’s sliding at third, tagging on a shallow ball to left … he was exciting to see today.”

“I’m glad we stayed in the game. We got ahead, they kind of came back, but we didn’t let it go. We had a good grip on the game still. We kept putting up good at-bats, manufacturing runs.”


Did you change anything up after the first inning, after the first five batters?

“Yeah, I made some adjustments. Some of the pitches in the first inning weren’t working, and after that they were working.”

Anything in particular?

“Sinker outside, that’s the one I was working on. I didn’t have it in the first inning.”


On Pierzynski’s big three-hit game with three runs, double, triple….

“It’s amazing how this guy has got 15 years in the big leagues and how durable he’s been. Today, triple, play at the plate, goes first to third, double, single, and catches foul tips everywhere, and he’s been able to go out there and withstand all that stuff, the punishment of catching 15 years, and still gives you great at-bats, still gives you great a opportunity, does a nice job handling older pitchers, younger pitchers…. Nice job.”

On bottom half of lineup getting nine of the team’s 10 hits

“Well, Simmons has been swinging the bat pretty good. Maybe the whole year, under the radar, swinging the bat well and getting on base. Nice to have Eury Perez do some stuff there. Maybe there’s a reason why Peterson and Maybin are second and third on the team in RBIs. Those guys at the bottom of the order are getting on and those guys at the top are driving them in. Whatever the formula is, the bottom line is getting those guys in when we have to.”

Were you concerned when he’s running around the bases, going first to third, tripling?

“I don’t worry about him. You can’t hurt him. He’s a Mac Truck. He’s a guy you can beat up. But he knows how to take care of himself, too. He’s in that weight room every day whether he plays or doesn’t. He’s prepared himself to play a long season.”

On Perez giving up two runs early, then settling down until the two homers

“He settled down, but he wasn’t the same Perez. He hit two batters on 1-2 counts, 2-2 counts, his command wasn’t as good as we’ve seen it. Big double play there in the sixth, Juany (Uribe) made a great play. (Perez) wasn’t as good as we’ve seen him. But he was able to navigate through that lineup with some stuff. Both homers were on breaking balls, if I’m not mistaken. But he got his sinker working when he had to.”

On bullpen improving in June

“Knock on wood. I think it goes to starting pitching, starting pitchers going deeper in ballgames, it gives you the opportunity to put guys in the right spot in places where they’re going to be successful. But they’ve been good.”