Braves quotes after Friday’s walk-off win against Cubs

— quotes compiled by Carroll Rogers and David O’Brien

Braves quotes from Freddie Freeman, Julio Teheran, Chris Johnson and manager Fredi Gonzalez after Friday’s 10-inning win against the Cubs.


On situation in 10th, and what ‘the book’ says (lefty vs. lefty) and what that does to you when you see them walk Upton

“It puts a smile on my face. I don’t know if you guys saw on TV, but after the second, third and fourth pitches outside, Justin and I were kind of laughing at each other. It kind of fires you up, if you’re not fired up already going into the bottom of the inning, to hit a walk-off. When they walk someone intentionally to get to you, it definitely lights a fire under your butt.”

On Teheran

“Oh, my gosh, he was unbelievable. He keeps doing it night in and night out. What he’s been doing, he’s the ace of our staff and he’s pitching like it.”

It was a reverse of April 19, when Mets intentionally walked Freeman and J-Up followed with 3-run homer

“Yeah, I don’t think you should intentionally walk people to get to someone on our team. They seem to do well in that situation.”

On the win

“It’s a good overall win. We finally had a great pitching game and actually scored more runs that they did.”

Nos. 3-4-5 hitters had eight of Braves’ nine hits

“Chris with a big, huge two-out knock. I think that got us going. Obviously we only scored three runs tonight, but we kept the line moving, we kept the line going. He had three big knocks, maybe get himself going back to the way he’s always going to be.”


On taking advantage of some scoring opportunities tonight

“Yeah, we did a good job of taking advantage of those opportunities when we got them tonight. I got the hit, but Gattis got on base with a great couple of at-bats. Freddie got on base with some good at-bats, so kudos to those guys, too.”

On Teheran

“He did awesome. He’s a stud. And it’s more shocking when it (blown save) happens to Craig, because most of the time you’re thinking this game’s over. But he’s still the best closer in the game.”

Starting to come together a little for you?

“I feel like my swing’s starting to come along a little better. I’m working on that bat path and I’m just going to keep working at it. But I feel like I’m getting a little more comfortable.”

What were you thinking when they walk Justin Upton to get to Freeman in that situation

“Tough question. I mean, I think Freddie’s the best hitter in the National League, so…it’s a tough move, but he wanted the left-hander (vs. lefty hitter matchup). I played with (Cubs lefty) Wesley Wright, too. He’s pretty good against left-handed hitters. He’s the manager of that team and that’s what he wanted to do.”


That as good as you've felt all season?

“Yeah, I felt great today. I was mixing my pitches better today. Everything was working really good. Just one mistake that I made. After that I get two runs (of) support and I wanted to start focusing a little more on the game, try not to make mistakes. And that’s what I did.”

How tough is it to not get a win tonight, or when pitched 8 scoreless innings April 27 vs. the Reds, etc.

“That’s something that I’ve been learning in my (development) process. Sometimes you do your best, you throw your best game and you don’t get the win. It’s a good thing that we won again, and that’s what matters.”

On retiring 17 in a row after the Olt homer

“That’s something I’ve been working on. I knew I made the early mistake and I was really focused after that. The last inning I walked him again, but I didn’t want to make the same mistake (against Olt) that I made before, that’s why I wanted to start over with the other hitter. It worked out really good.”


On Freeman’s walk-off hit

“Yeah he comes up big in those situations, whether he’s facing a lefty or righty and he did a terrific job there fighting against Wright. The middle of the order, those guys gave us some good at-bats. Gattis, Chris Johnson drove in two. Freeman got on base. So you’ve got to be pleased with those guys swinging the bats. Teheran was terrific. What else can you ask. One-hitter, gave us a great opportunity. And it’s nice to get Woody in there in a situation that we were going to use him, when he got (their) six and eight hitters are left-handed. Perfect spot. I’m glad that he was able to get a win after a couple of tough losses in his early season as a starter.”

On if surprised to see anybody intentionally walked to get to Freeman, despite lefty-lefty matchup

“Well, I’m (only) worrying about my guy. But you’re up against it and tomorrow night, I’ll be up against it. It’s one of those things. Sometimes you’ve got to pick your poison and they felt they had a better matchup with Freeman than they did with Justin Upton. Every night, us managers make those type of decisions and they’re not easy. Sometimes the pitcher or the hitter bails you out and sometimes they don’t. Either way he went there it was a tough one. We got them this time.”

Any consideration to keeping Teheran in after 105 pitches?

“Not at all, not when you’ve got Craig Kimbrel sitting out there, one of the best closers if not the best closer. And (Teheran) has got 105 pitches and for me, there wasn’t even a question there.”

On what made Teheran so effective

“Early on, he scattered the ball around a little bit. He came back down and got strikeouts. He’s been like this for a while. He gets his secondary pitches over. His two-seamer gets off the barrel against even a left-handed dominant hitting lineup and he competes. That son of a gun, he goes after hitters and that’s all a good ingredient for success.”

On Chris Johnson looking like he did last year with the big hit

“Yeah it was nice. I think he’s gotten two, three games in a row now where he’s got multi-hit games. And that’s his M.O. — gives you good at-bats, quality at-bats time after time. Even stole a base today. Good to see him, especially in the middle of the lineup there, helping us keep the line moving.”

Did Heyward hang onto the bag by his big toe on stolen base?

“With this replay stuff they kind of stalled a little bit to check to see without Rick going out there. I kept looking for that phone to ring or looking for the sign of Brandon Hyde to see if he was going to challenge or not, they didn’t challenge it. Horacio (Ramirez) called and said no, he was on the bag, so you felt pretty good but with replay nowadays, you hold your breath.”