Hawks learn dates for in-season tournament and the battle for the NBA Cup



The Hawks now know when their matchups in the NBA’s new in-season tournament will occur.

The tournament begins Nov. 3, but the Hawks don’t begin tournament play until they face the Pistons in Detroit on Nov. 14. The Hawks drew group East A, and they will play each opponent at least once.

In group play, the Hawks will face the Cavaliers, the Pacers, the Pistons and the 76ers. Two games take place at home at State Farm Arena and two will take place on the road.

On the nights when in-season tournament games are played, no other NBA games will be on the schedule. These will be called “tournament nights.”

Eight teams (four per conference) will advance from group play into the knockout rounds. The advancing teams will be the six group winners and two “wild cards,” the team from each conference with the best record in group-play games that finished second in its group.

The knockout rounds will be single-elimination games in the quarterfinals. They will take place in NBA team markets Dec. 4 and Dec. 5. The semifinals and championship will take place played in Las Vegas on Dec. 7 and Dec. 9, respectively. The teams will play for the NBA Cup.

Here is a look at the Hawks schedule:

Nov. 14 at Pistons

Nov. 17 vs. 76ers

Nov. 21 vs. Pacers

Nov. 28 at Cavaliers

The Hawks currently have no nationally televised games, but the NBA mentioned that the schedule is subject to change.

The league also announced that it will reveal the full regular-season schedule, including national TV games, Aug. 17.