AJC’s NBA mock draft: Zaccharie Risacher emerges as the Hawks’ top pick

The Hawks have one week until they make their selection in the NBA draft with the first overall pick. Here’s a look at how things could unfold with the 14 lottery teams in the first round June 26.

Here’s a breakdown of the five players expected to go high in the draft, with Zaccharie Risacher and Connecticut center Donovan Clingan reportedly emerging as favorites for the top pick after workouts with the Hawks last week. The team also reportedly hosted Kentucky guard Reed Sheppard, Colorado guard Cody Williams, as well as G League Ignites Ron Holland and Matas Buzelis.

They reportedly have not been able to bring in French center Alexandre Sarr.

1. Hawks: Zaccharie Risacher (France). The Hawks have hosted numerous top prospects as they’ve done their homework. Risacher, though, offers the Hawks plenty of versality and could develop into the team’s top wing of the future. The 19-year-old could fit well into coach Quin Snyder’s system well because of his solid feel for the game, and his instincts to cut to the basket will open up more options in the offense.

2. Wizards: Alexandre Sarr (France). The Wizards would add more size to their roster and potentially their starting center of the future. They’ve needed reinforcements at the five position since they traded Kristaps Porzingis and Daniel Gafford to the Celtics and Mavericks, respectively. Sarr could be another piece in their restoration.

3. Rockets (via Nets): Reed Sheppard (Kentucky). The Rockets would benefit from the another playmaker who would complement veteran guard Fred VanVleet, as well as Jalen Green. Draft analysts have praised Sheppard for his feel for the game and unselfishness as a playmaker, and he shot 52.1% on 3-point attempts and could bolster the Rockets’ shooting from deep.

4. Spurs: Stephon Castle (Connecticut). The Spurs need a point guard who can help organize their offense. Castle is a strong, athletic guard who can play through contact and pass the ball on the move. He has a solid pick-and-roll game and has made plenty of pocket passes and alley-oops for easy baskets to big men.

5. Pistons: Matas Buzelis (G League Ignite). The young wing fits the Pistons’ timeline with regard to the pieces on the roster. He has a combination of size, athletic ability, bounce and ball-handling that would give the Pistons another player who can attack the rim.

6. Hornets: Cody Williams (Colorado)

7. Trail Blazers: Donovan Clingan (UConn)

8. Spurs: Devin Carter (Providence)

9. Grizzlies: Dalton Knecht (Tennessee)

10. Jazz: Robert Dillingham (Kentucky)

11. Bulls: Ron Holland (G League Ignite)

12. Thunder (via Rockets): Nikola Topic (Serbia)

13. Kings: Ja’Kobe Walter (Baylor)

14. Trail Blazers (via Warriors): Kel’el Ware (Indiana)