Here’s what the Falcons had to say after the loss to the Bucs

The Falcons running back discusses the team's 29-25 loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday in a key NFC South game.

Here’s what the Falcons had to say after the 29-25 loss to the Bucs on Sunday:


On taking away WR Mike Evans: “Yeah, it was a big thing. We knew that we needed to take that guy away. He’s a great, he’s a great player, and he’s done some great things over the last 10 years. We’ve been seeing the stat line, so we definitely knew we needed to neutralize him in order to get the win today. Even though we did that, we didn’t get the win. So, we’ve got to go back and start chopping.”

On the close ending to the game: “It was tough, but those are the moments that you want to be in though when you call yourself a great football team. I’m grateful that it was us, and we’ll use this as a learning experience.”

On the Buccaneers’ offense capitalizing on the final minutes of the game: “They’ve got great players on that side of the ball too, so we’ve just got to make more plays. And the coaches put us in great positions. We’ve got to capitalize. We’ll keep on chopping wood, like I said [and] keep on working.”

On the injuries impacting the game: “Definitely. But it’s the NFL. It’s next man up. I feel like I embodied that being a guy that kind of got thrown in the fire when a guy goes down. So, next game, we’ve just got to continue to bring our hard hat and work and prepare like no other.”


On the emotions he felt during the close game: “You know, we had goals today. We knew it was riding on this game. And we didn’t get the job done at the end of the day and it hurt. But at the same time, we’re not out of it. We’ve still got a chance to go do what we want to do. So, it’s really just about learning from this one tomorrow, and we’ve got to move forward. We can’t really just sit here and weep on this one.”

On frustrations he felt during the last drive: “We had a couple penalties on that drive, made a couple plays. But that last one, Baker [Mayfield] and [Cade] Otten, they made a good play [and] came down with it. But it hurt. Like, you want to win a game. You definitely want to win for your teammates. We’re all putting the same amount of work in. It’s hard to look those guys in the face, but we’re a brotherhood and they hold you up. It’s not all perfect, but we’ve still got work to do.”

DRAKE LONDON, wide receiver

On his 45-yard reception on the final scoring drive: “Des [Desmond Ridder] just trusted me. He put it up there. He has trust in me, and I have trust in him. It’s my job to come down with it.”

On what it says about K Younghoe Koo that he put the loss on him: “He’s a captain for a reason. We’re going to back Koo forever. He’s automatic. This was just a fluke game for him, but I know when he comes back, he’s going to be hungrier, and I guarantee he won’t miss another one.”

On managing emotions after today’s loss: “Come out harder than we did this game. Come out harder than we ever did. We could have set ourselves up pretty, pretty well. Right now, we just have to get back in the lab and figure it out.”

On the message going into another divisional game next week: “We’re not out of it. We have to put up points and do all that. We’re not out of it. We’re going to keep on chugging and try to make our push into the playoffs.”


On what was working defensively for the majority of the game: “Yeah, it was just sticking to the gameplan. That’s the mentality of our defense is no matter who’s out there, who’s hurt, who’s up, who’s not, the standard is the standard. We didn’t do that the last drive, but just something to continue to build off of.”

On limiting Buccaneers WR Mike Evans to one catch: “Yeah, we had good execution of the gameplan for him. A Hall of Fame-type receiver, so sometimes you have to roll to him. That’s what we did. We did a good job of that.”

On navigating the emotions of the game: “Yeah, it’s anything just like life. There are going to be a bunch of ups, going to be a bunch of downs. I think the team that comes out successful is the one that can weather through the storm, who can stay grounded no matter whether it’s going good or going bad. We’re going to go to work and prepare like we’re a championship team. That’s the mindset.”


On his two missed field goals in the first half: “Yeah, it was a good operation by Liam and Bradley. Good snap and good hold. I just didn’t hit it good, and it wasn’t good enough.”

On his mindset after back-to-back missed field goals: “Just reset and go back to the preparation. Just trying to make some adjustments on the sideline. At the end of the day, I didn’t hit it great. I have to make that. I cost us today. That’s on me. I’m going to go watch the film and try to get better.”

On whether he takes responsibility for the loss: “I mean, those are crucial points, right? Those are crucial turnovers. For me, I have to go back to my routine and preparation, but those six points, those are crucial swings. Guys played their asses off. I feel like I cost one today, so I’m just going to go back to work. That’s all I can do.”

CHRIS LINDSTROM, offensive guard

On how he’s feeling: “I just got rolled up on. I’m fine. Kyle [Hinton] did a really great job finishing the quarter, but I’m all good.”

On the challenge of being down three starters along the offensive line: “Everything with offensive line is falling back on your preparation, and I think it speaks to the character of the guys in our room from Jake to – all 12 of us have belief in each other and the way we practice every single day there’s so much strain and intent. So, when those guys get their opportunity – Tyler, Neuzil, Kyle, Storm – those guys did a really phenomenal job. I’m just proud of them and proud to be part of our room.”

On how to not let a loss like this affect future games: “I think tomorrow you really just focus on the intent of making the corrections, and then you have to turn the page to Carolina. I think that’s what we’re going to have to do. We talk about focusing on the present day and focusing on the present moment. Tomorrow’s intent is to make the corrections and get our training. I think that’s the way you look at it, and you have to move on to Carolina because they’re a great team, and that’s a huge, huge game for us.”

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