Falcons’ Desmond Ridder, Kyle Pitts working on their passing-game connection

FLOWERY BRANCH — Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts and quarterback Desmond Ridder are working on their timing and trying to make stronger their connection in the passing game.

They did not play together last year during the regular season because Pitts was out with a knee injury when Ridder was named the starter for the final four games.

“Kind of when I got back running, me and him got together a couple of times and got some routes out on the field by ourselves,” Pitts said Saturday. “We are just building it (as we) go against other people.”

Pitts, who’s coming back from knee surgery, had a couple of nice catches from Ridder in practice Saturday. He also had a drop over the middle.

“Getting the timing right it just a steady, slow-drip thing,” Pitts said.

Pitts plans to just keep putting in the work.

“I wouldn’t say there’s necessarily a timeline on it,” Pitts said. “It’s more so just continuing to make the bond stronger and our relationship stronger.”

The Falcons are pleased as they ease Pitts back into the operation.

“Every day he’s doing more,” Falcons coach Arthur Smith said. “Yeah, he can probably do more. Again, if we had to play in two weeks, maybe it’d be a bit different. He got on the ground today. They actually have to wash his jersey. It’s good. That’s part of the return to play. Just getting back out there (and) get those ... legs back.”

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