Falcons’ Cordarrelle Patterson: ‘It’s still right in front of us’

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Credit: D. Orlando Ledbetter

Here’s what the Falcons had to say after the 30-17 loss to the Bucs on Sunday:


On the mood in locker room following loss, message coach Arthur Smith had for the team: “I think just that we have a lot to improve, but a lot to build on as well. There are things we did well and there are things we could go back and watch and really look at. We just need to be urgent on making those adjustments the next day, of course, and the rest of the season.”

On QB Matt Ryan taking 11 hits and getting sacked five times, how to reduce those numbers: “We certainly have to be better at protection. We’ll go back, watch the film and make adjustments and I’m sure we’ll get better.”

On struggles the offensive line has faced with consistently creating clean pockets for Matt Ryan: “I think we’re all just working to improve as players and I think with time and with commitment, we’ll certainly do that and stack more of those good games.”

On how difficult it is to create a team rhythm when there is rotation at center: “It really hasn’t been too difficult — I know Drew (Dalman) will go in there and do a great job and when it’s my time to go in there, I’ll give it everything I’ve got.”

On the Falcons’ offensive play slowing down after the first drive touchdown, any adjustments the Buccaneers’ defense made: “I think as we watch film, we’ll see mistakes here and mistakes there. There was kinda one thing missing on each of those plays, maybe more, but that kind of prevented us from continuing to do what we did on the first drive.”

On what the team’s confidence level is like as they continue the season: “Pretty high. I think we’re going to get things right and continue to grow and improve.”

On what gives the team confidence: “I think as we go back and watch the things we’ve done well throughout the season, even with the shortcomings, we see things to build off of and I think we’re a group that’s committed to growing and improving, so I think we’ll do that.”


On his message to the team as one of the veterans: “It’s still right in front of us, honestly. We just have to find it again. We deserve to be where we are because we did it to ourselves, honestly, so we are going to put up and shut up and we’ve got five games to prove that. I know the guys in the locker room are going to fight their butts off, so just have to continue to try to get some wins "

On the team’s improvements looking forward: “The run game. If we just keep running the ball the way we have been, we’ll be alright. "

On not having won a home game this season thus far: “It’s hard, man. Honestly, we do it for them, we do it for the fans. Being home and not getting a win for those guys, it hurts me. I love this city, I love Atlanta. I just want to get the win for them at home.”

On surpassing 1,000 scrimmage yards on the season: “I don’t care about the 1,000 yards. I am just trying to get a win, trying to make it to playoffs. Whatever I can do to help this team win, that’s what I am going to do. If it’s 1,000 yards, 2,000 yards, or 200 yards, I am just going to do everything I can to help this team win.”

On the key to being successful next week against the Carolina Panthers: “Just keep running the ball.”


On the postgame conversation between the RBs: “We just look as it as building our confidence. We just want to make sure we keep it rolling and go out there and do what we do.”

On the team’s confidence after losing three of the past four games: “We just have to make sure to keep our head up. We lost the game, but there’s a lot of good things that we did out there on the field today. We might have shot ourselves in the foot a few times, but our offense is going in the right direction.”

On believing that they are a good team: “Games like today, we were able to run the ball. Last week, we were able to run the ball. Like I said, it just builds confidence.”


On the mood of the team: “Really just get back on Monday and try to close out these five games strong.”

On how he felt the defense performed Sunday: “I think we did good. We still have some room to go. Always get better every week and that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

On Tom Brady getting hit once: “We have to get out of the passing. As a team, it’s a collective effort. We all have to cover, and rushers have to rush. We have to put the pressure on them.”

On expecting the Buccaneer’s 13-straight passes, relying less on the run game: “No, like I said it is just going through the flow of the game. That was part of the first 15. We adjusted and got on board.”

On going against Tom Brady: “It’s going to be a long battle with them. He’s got the years under his belt. He’s making great decisions throughout the game.”

On Marlon Davidson’s play: “That was awesome. My man did a great play and scored. He did what we’ve been trying to do for a minute. He was the one who set it off.”

On his opinion on what can be built upon with five games to go: “I think we do a great job of running, hitting, flying around the ball. I think just getting pressure on the quarterback and covert when we need to.”

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