AJC to offer official digital NFT versions of popular Atlanta Braves news pages

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will join the NFT community on Tuesday with official digital versions of popular front pages from the Atlanta Braves’ victory in the 2021 World Series.

The initial NFTs for the AJC digital community are permanent keepsakes celebrating the end of a 26-year wait for the Atlanta Braves to bring home a World Series Championship. They are based on the editions that include the “CHAMPS!,” “WORTH THE WAIT!” and “BRAVO! World Series Champions” front pages.

The sale begins at 10 a.m. Tuesday, with a limited mint of each edition of 2,021 (same as the championship year). The initial run will last through Saturday. They are registered on the Ethereum blockchain and will be offered on the OpenSea platform.

The decision to offer these NFTs follows overwhelming public demand for the printed front pages and editions after the Braves’ decisive Game 6 victory on Nov. 2. It’s also a chance to experiment in a growing new technology that the paper’s readers have shown an interest in.

“We’ve received requests on social media for NFTs of our World Series coverage,” said Rodney Gibbs, the AJC’s senior director of strategy and innovation. “Between passionate Braves fans and NFT collectors, there seems to be a community for unique collectibles like this.”

The newspaper announced on Nov. 23 that half of the proceeds will be donated to the Henry Louis Aaron Fund, established by the Atlanta Braves Foundation, a nonprofit arm of the Braves organization.

NFT stands for non-fungible token, and it offers a way to own and keep limited and authenticated digital creations. The AJC’s offerings are digital assets curated from the issues and archives of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They are collectibles that are intended to be permanent keepsakes from major events and Atlanta milestones based on our news coverage.

The information page about the sale at ajc.com/nft includes questions and answers for those interested in learning more, including what is needed before you could buy one of the AJC NFTs. Purchasers will need a specific digital “wallet” and cryptocurrency, which are explained on the page.

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