Visiting Nurse, a nonprofit Georgia residents can depend on

‘To Improve The Lives Of Those We Serve’

From hospice to simple surgery, home health care can be costly. Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta, an Atlanta-based nonprofit, is here to help Georgia patients in need at home, no matter the details. It’s a service Georgia’s oldest and largest in-home health and hospice organization said is built on respect, integrity, excellence, stewardship and care.

As the organization approaches its 74th anniversary, Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta CEO Dorothy Davis told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that, despite the staffing shortage caused by the pandemic, the nonprofit is training new clinicians in record numbers.

“This week’s orientation brought over 15 new nurses into our clinical force, and last month welcoming 20 at one time, a new record,” she said. “Being a small- to mid-sized home health and hospice organization, this affords us the clinical bench strength to serve our Georgia community, with quality care – fulfilling our mission.”

The mission Davis referred to is the ultimate goal of Visiting Nurse: “To Improve The Lives Of Those We Serve.”

Credit: Kimberly Evans

Credit: Kimberly Evans

Battling the staffing shortages of the pandemic, Davis said that Visiting Nurse has experienced challenges. But the nonprofit has proven itself up to the task.

“We’re one of the few non-profit home health and hospice organizations left in Georgia,” she said. “And without margin, there can be no mission, and with the staffing crisis, there has been one zip code that we could not get staffed to care for the patients in need. Patients suffered, and each week, this organization left $15,000 of business on the table. Now, in one week, I was able to hire 3 nurses for this area.”

It’s a noble cause well worth the struggle, according to Davis.

“Simply put, because it feels great to give to someone in need,” Davis said. She’s not alone.

“Volunteers are an important aspect of the team approach, central to the heart and soul of Visiting Nurse’s Hospice Atlanta division, as it was volunteers who actually founded Hospice Atlanta,” a representative told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “A bit of history for our Georgia community, did you know that volunteers provided all of Hospice Atlanta services from 1977 to 1983? Our volunteers are individuals in the community who have chosen to give their time, love and energy to help our patients and their families to help make this difficult time a little more bearable. Many of our Hospice Atlanta volunteers have had a personal experience with death and consequently understand the feelings involved. Additionally, we serve over 6,000 patients in their home daily, so we have many opportunities to help one of our patients who need assistance and support.”

Credit: Kimberly Evans

Credit: Kimberly Evans

While serving thousands of patients in the Peach State, Visiting Nurse is an organization that is all about community leadership.

In all of their future endeavors, Visiting Nurse wants “to care for patients, provide community services, support their right to have quality health care, to have bereavement support for families, and for this organization to continue to be patient-centered each and every day throughout our organization.”

“Education and advocacy is an important role as a community leader, so we also join with our health care partners here in Georgia, and continue to educate our community on the ever-changing healthcare landscape, critical in order to remain serving Georgians in years to come,” a representative said. “In addition, because we support and care for our employees, who in turn support our patients, we are focused on offering educational self-care opportunities. "

In August, Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta is collaborating with Emory School of Nursing for a week-long emersion program so hospital nurses can experience in-home health and hospice care. In October, the nonprofit is hosting their annual Fall Festival Alzheimer’s Walk to support patients and families in need. In November, they will be hosting Camp STARS, an annual weekend bereavement camp for individuals who have experienced loss.

Visiting Nurse is accepting donations at

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