Only days left to apply for J&J Nurse Innovation Fellowship Program

Fellowship offers nurses chance to make health care ‘more accessible, equitable and patient-centered’

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If you have ideas about how to improve patient care at your facility, you should apply for the Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship Program. But hurry, because the deadline is Friday.

By teaming up with the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and Wharton Business School, the fellowship offers senior nurse leaders the chance to collaborate on projects to make health care “more accessible, equitable and patient-centered,” wrote.

The program began in 2019 with 12 nurse leaders who identified challenges in their respective facilities and implemented changes throughout the fellowship.

This year’s fellowship begins in June and runs through May 2024. Before you rush to apply, however, grab someone you work well with, because each application requires a team of two — a chief nursing officer (or nurse executive) and a senior nurse leader.

Other requirements include:

  • Being a registered nurse
  • Being a resident of the United States or recognized area
  • Team members have to be from the same health care system but can work at different facilities.
  • Committing to working as a team
  • A letter of support and buy-in from executives, including how they will help implement changes from the fellowship
  • Being committed to a full year of classes and travel

Nurse executives can apply through Penn Nursing, with 10 two-nurse teams throughout the U.S. being selected. On the application, the nurse executive must name who their senior nurse leader will be. You can learn more about the fellowship at the program’s website.