Nurse on vacation saves wounded man

‘That’s what I do’

Faryn Rogers, a Texas nurse, was in South Florida on vacation with her family last week, NBC 6 reported. The trip to Miami beach took an unexpected turn though when Rogers and her mother stopped by Burgers & Shakes for a quick bite.

“Somebody’s like, ‘Hey, there’s somebody really bloody outside, we need some napkins,’” Rogers told NBC 6.

Rogers didn’t hesitate to jump into action.

The man was reportedly stabbed twice on the beach before stumbling towards the Burgers & Shakes restaurant.

“He’s very obviously bleeding pretty bad, he needed more than napkins than they provided,” she said.

Rogers had just graduated from nursing school last May, but the Dallas-based nurse didn’t blink when the yells for help came calling.

“There was another customer there that gave up her pants and so I wrapped her pants around him like a tourniquet and just got him laid down and held pressure until someone else called 911,” Rogers said.

Paramedics were on scene approximately five minutes after Rogers showed up on scene.

“He had a puncture right under his ribs like on the side and then another one down on his hip so we were just covering the wounds and trying to help stop the bleeding until paramedics got there,” she said.

With an attacker possibly still on the loose, Rogers admitted that they were a nerve-wracking five minutes.

“You never know if the attacker is going to come back, you know, so I was kind of like watching my back,” Rogers said. “I also didn’t have gloves or anything with me, so I was a little like, I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but overall, I was glad that I was there and able to help him.”