Nurse gives dads-to-be tips on what not to do in delivery room

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Pregnant women have lots to prepare for when it comes to giving birth — and so do expectant dads.

While the focus is naturally on mom, dads could use some tips for the delivery too. That’s where Nurse Carly comes in.

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Nurse Carly has amassed more than 130,000 followers on TikTok. The Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification holder has been doling out advice on pregnancy and babies since June 2020.

One of her most popular videos includes advice for new dads awaiting their bundle of joy.


Dads in the delivery room, the DO’s and DON’Ts! Comment what I forgot 😁 #pregnant #newdad #dadsoftiktok #pregnancytiktok #laboranddelivery

♬ No Scrubs - TLC

Soundtracked to TLC’s “No Scrubs,” Nurse Carly gives a list of do’s and don’ts as she acts out each scenario.

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One don’t: sleeping while mom-to-be is in labor. Another is eating in front of her or asking how much longer labor will take.

And while it may seem as if you’re helping by asking what you should do, Nurse Carly says that’s a don’t too.

“She doesn’t know either,” the nurse said in a caption.

But there are some things expectant dads can do.

Offering ice chips, lip balm and mints get the green light from Nurse Carly. Suggesting a new position for mom every 30 minutes is another good idea. The nurse suggests dads lookup labor positions online.

Encouragement and a plan for a post-birth meal while mom is in recovery are also suggested.

In the comments, Nurse Carly’s followers shared their own labor and delivery experiences.

“My husband was so amazing! I was the one that asked I’m to take a nap while I was in labor because he was tending to me every time I had a contraction,” one TikTok user said.

Another TikTok user commented, “He sat next to me and (massaged) my back and feet and napped when I did. He was very supportive for me. It was nice.”

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