Nurse entrepreneurs create online marketplace for nurses

Adni Marketplace is billed as a one-stop shop for health care professionals

Two nurses saw a need and filled it with the ADNI Marketplace.“We’re all in this together," says Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, co-creator of ADNI.ADNI Marketplace started in 2021 and has everything a nurse needs, from scrubs to gear, supplies, and healthcare resources.Wakefield Research conducted on behalf of Convatec reveals, 96% of nurses don't have the tools to engage with patients.51 percent need educational resources to share as a part of patient education.ADNI not only has resources but its also a place where nurses can find community and support. .“It’s absolutely important that you are passionate about what you’re trying to solve and who you’re trying to solve for," says Jennifferre Mancillas co-creator of ADNI.

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert and Jennifferre Mancillas are the nurses behind Adni Marketplace, a new one-stop marketplace for nurses.

According to Daily Nurse, the duo met during a hackathon event in 2019 alongside 200 other nurses hoping to “solve problems in healthcare.”

“In our conversations with other nurses, organizations, and brands, we realized there needed to be a central place for healthcare workers to access those niche products, gear, and resources,” Mancillas told the outlet.

On the Ask Alice podcast, Mancillas and Scarpone-Lambert’s described how their passion for problem-solving and caring for others led to an unexpected career path — despite how different business was from their clinical backgrounds.

“Entrepreneurship is a rough road sometimes, a bit of a rollercoaster,” Mancillas said on the podcast. “It’s absolutely important that you are passionate about what you’re trying to solve and who you’re trying to solve for.”

Together the two created the Lumify uNight Light, a wearable LED light meant to be worn on scrubs. But their search for retail outlets made them wonder if there wasn’t an even bigger need in the market.

“We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to bring together everything healthcare workers need into one marketplace?’” Scarpone-Lambert recalled wondering.

The marketplace is also a space for healthcare professionals to find community.

“We’re all in this together,” Scarpone-Lambert said. “That’s exactly what our brand stands for.”