Nurse breaks down how she made over $200,000 by the age of 27

Olivia Reeves took to TikTok to break down how to make big money as a nurse

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Certified registered nurse anesthetist and social media savant Olivia Reeves, known as The O. Crew on TikTok, took to the internet last week to discuss a topic of great interest to those in her field, how to maximize your pay. Reeves said new nurses can make up to $500,000 by the age of 27, if they follow her step-by-step guide to success.

“Want your life to look like mine? Then listen up,” she said on TikTok. “I don’t think my life’s that cool, but I am proud of what I’ve done to get where I’m at, so listen. First, you’re going to go to college and you’re going to get good grades when you go to college. You’re not going to do stupid things like get drinking tickets for drinking underage.”


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Once you get into college, the next step is to focus on your grades.

“So go to college; go to a four-year college, or transfer somehow to get there,” she said. “Within your freshman year, you’re going to talk to a counselor and you’re going to be like, ‘Hey, I want all the classes that get me into nursing school. Sign me up. Show me the how to.’ Then you’re going to go to nursing school. You’re going to sell your soul in nursing school.”

While good grades are a great start, Reeves advised aiming to be number one in the class.

“You’re going to be number one in your class,” she said. “Wonder why? Because that makes you a competitive candidate. For years from now, when you’re applying to anesthesia school, you’re going to do a bunch of clubs. You’re going to be in this active (sic) honor societies because you’re going to be super smart and make school your number one like focus.”

Once college is completed, Reeves said the next step is to land a position at a trauma teaching hospital.


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“Then you’re going to graduate from college and get a kick--- job at a big trauma teaching hospital and work in the ICU,” she said. “You’re going to do all the things. You’re going to become charge nurse. You’re going to join all the societies of being a nurse. You’re going to get all the certifications. Then you’re going to start shadowing CRNAs. You’re going to start looking up CRNAs in that teaching hospital or teaching hospital near you — if you’re not in a teaching hospital. You’re going to shadow a CRNA, shadow other careers too — like nurse practitioner, or anesthesiologists or MDs of any kind.

“Then research the schools that you’re interested in. Know their programs. Are they front loaded? Are they back loaded? If that doesn’t make sense to you, then Google that. You go for the interview, and you’re going to be intelligent. You’re going to know about the program that you’re applying for and why you’re passionate about going to that program and that program only. You’re going to have bomb--- grades from nursing school and a GRE. And you’re going to be like, ‘yeah, you’re going to want me.’ And then you have the best life ever and eat ice cream cones.”