Cancer survivors celebrate with the Atlanta Braves in annual Northside event

Credit: WSBTV Videos

Braves fans fired up for first home game of 2023 season

Before the Atlanta Braves faced off against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday, Northside Hospital hosted its Northside Hospital Cancer Survivor Celebration at Truist Park — an annual parade event that allows Braves fans an opportunity to show their support to hundreds of local cancer survivors and their families.

David DuVal, a throat cancer survivor, led the parade and kicked off the day’s Braves game with the ceremonial “Play ball!”

“People get to see people who’ve had struggles and how they succeeded through those struggles and how they’re living their lives,” the Forsyth Central High School teacher told 11Alive. “Hopefully, they can inspire other people who are at the game who might be going through a hard time.”

The Braves went on to beat the Reds 7-6.

The parade is one of many events provided by the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute for cancer patients and survivors.

“As part of our comprehensive approach to cancer care, the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute focuses on healing the whole person, both physically and emotionally,” the institute’s website stated. “Our clinical cancer support services are designed to assist cancer patients at various points along the cancer care continuum. We offer a full range of cancer support and survivorship resources and services that are accessible to patients during and after their cancer treatment.”

As Georgia’s largest cancer care network, the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute operates more than 55 cancer care locations. On the national level, U.S. News ranked Northside Hospital Atlanta as having a “high performing” cancer center with a very high rating in the volume of patients treated, above average rating in patient experience, excellent rating in how often patients are discharged home over other facilities and an excellent rating in the 30-day survival rate of patients treated.