How one nurse can win $3,000 toward their next vacation

If anyone deserves help paying for a getaway, it’s you

If you’re like the Go-Go’s and a vacation is all you’ve ever wanted, wants to help.

Whether your idea of a getaway is to the mountains, the beach or to the big city, you’re going to need money. How does $3,000 sound?

ExploreUndo face mask fatigue at these spas near area hospitals will award one lucky nurse a $1,500 gift card to to book a comfy room and a $1,500 gift card to so you can go someone farther than driving distance.

All you have to do is enter here by September 30. One winner will be randomly selected October 1. Those who are social media savvy can improve their chances by sharing the contest and tagging @nurse_org to get five extra entries.

Looking for some destination ideas? Check out one of the world’s most bizarre festivals. Choose from La Tomatina Festival in Spain, the Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea or the Battle of the Oranges in Italy.

Music lovers might want to use their winnings for a trip to Joshua Tree Music Festival in California, Austin City Limits festival in Texas or another family friendly event.

No matter where you decide to go, be sure to plan accordingly. Nurses aren’t the only ones facing staff shortages; airports have been seeing problems, too.

ExploreMental health trips add meaning and transformation to your travels

To avoid spending your vacation without your favorite outfit, try packing everything in a carry-on so you can avoid checking a suitcase, which might get lost along its journey.

It’s always good to research your airline’s policies in the event of a cancellation or significant delay. Knowing what your options might be could keep your vacation from becoming another stressful event.

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