Hospitals, health systems add 16K jobs in May

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A distinctly female-centric profession is getting injections of testosterone.From 1977 to 2018, the number of male nurses increased tenfold, to 314,195.More than 12% of the country's registered nurses are now men, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.“You can’t put a gender on tender loving care,” one male nurse said. .“The good thing about nursing is that I’ve never been out of work,” a Chicago male nurse said

Overall, however, health care jobs are down 223,000 compared to February 2020

Much has been written about nurses leaving the profession, but 28,300 decided to join it last month.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly all sectors of the health care industry saw job growth, including hospitals and health systems, which added 16,300 jobs.

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The industry has seen growth the past few months, going from 16,239,600 in April to 16,267,900 in May.

The 16,300 new positions — bringing total hospital and health system jobs to 5,160,700 — is the largest increase hospitals have seen since December 2020, according to RevCycle Intelligence.

Hospitals have seen steady growth, with job numbers rising 17 of the past 26 months. Overall, however, employment is down nearly 75,000 jobs compared to before the pandemic.

Overall, health care jobs are down 223,000 compared to February 2020.

In Georgia, the health care and social assistance sector is at an employment high of 530,300 jobs, adding 19,600 over the year, according to the Georgia Department of Labor.

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