Here are 3 of the best scrubs for nurses on a budget

From bathing patients to dealing with bodily fluids, coming into contact with various liquids may at times leave some unwanted leftovers on your scrubs.

If you’re tired of your old scrubs and want something new but don’t know where to start, no worries, we can help with that.

Figs ranks No. 1 as the best scrubs overall when it comes to fit, comfort, style and durability. While the brand has rave reviews, it can be pricey, costing between $38 and $98.

Here are three brands for nurses on a budget.


Dagacci scrubs are unisex and come in a variety of colors. Not only are they stylish and a little loose around the legs for more comfort, they also come with a great price tag.

You can get a set on Amazon for $23.99 or go to the company website for sets starting at $17.99.

Just Love

Just Love has recently taken over the athletic section in Walmarts nationwide. Among their trendy workout sets are playful, colorful and charming scrubs.

The sets cost between $9.99 and $24.99. Just Love also allows you to mix and match, offering individual top and bottom options. You can find a new set at your local Walmart or order online here.

All Heart

All Heart has a variety of brands and your disposal. They offer scrubs at discounted rates starting at $13.99 per set. You can shop for fun colors, different fits and patterns.

If you want to venture away from the discounted items, you can shop brands like Healing, Dickies, Infinity and more on the All Heart website.

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