Georgia is worse for working moms than most of the country

According to a WalletHub analysis, the Peach State is the 7th worst

In 2023, 1.1% more mothers with children under 18 were working in the United States than the previous year; nearly three-quarters of the country’s moms worked. And it’s a working class that continues to face unique challenges.

According to a Pew Research Center report, women averaged 82% of what men earned in 2022 — a pay gap that has remained relatively stable for the last 20 years. A 2024 Bloomberg report revealed that women also do nearly 80% of the work around the house, including child care.

And from parental leave policies to cost-effective day care, some states are doing more to support working moms than others. In WalletHub’s 2024 ranking of the best and worst states for working mothers, Georgia landed in 43rd place.

“Working moms have to carefully balance career opportunities with factors that provide a good environment for their children when deciding where to live,” WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe said in the report.

“The best states provide equitable pay for women and the potential for career advancement, along with robust parental leave policies and high-quality child care, health care, and schools,” she added. “This gives working moms both the financial ability and the peace of mind to not have to choose between a career and family.”

Leading the country in work-life balance offerings was Massachusetts. Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, Connecticut and Minnesota finished out the top-five.

The worst state was Alabama, followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada and Idaho. Georgia’s 43rd spot put it within the bottom 18% of the country.

The Peach State ranked within the bottom 35% of the U.S. for child care offerings (33rd) and within the bottom 41% for professional opportunities (30th). For work-life balance, Georgia ranked last (51st).