Former NICU baby returns to Golisano Children’s Hospital as a NICU nurse

‘It makes you realize how you impact lives and what these babies can become’

4 things you may not know about NICU nurses.NICU nurses care for critically ill and premature babies. The majority of babies in the NICU are “preemies.”.NICU nurses care for the entire family, not just the baby.Most of the training NICU nurses receive is on the job

152 million babies were born preterm in the last decade, according to the World Health Organization, with many of those babies spending time in the NICU.

One NICU baby recently returned to the same place to become a NICU nurse herself.

Cally Servick, born premature at the Golisano Children’s Hospital, says that while she may not remember her time in the unit, it did help “shape her career path.”

“Growing up, I knew I wanted to have that kind of impact on someone,” Servick told the outlet. “I aspire to be even half the nurses they are. And to give that much of an impact to someone is my goal.”

Babies are considered premature when born before 37 weeks, and they experience an increased risk of health problems like breathing difficulties, feeding issues and infections. Low birth weight is common among NICU babies, who usually weigh less than 5 pounds.

As Servick returns to the same hospital that helped get her through a difficult period, she’s now training alongside the nurses who helped save her life.