5 best mobile apps for nurses

6 apps all nurses should have .In the past few years there’s been a huge increase in the development of mobile apps dedicated for nurses.Apps provide accuracy, efficiency and improves techniques and continues education. .Here are 6 apps al nurses should have: .MediBabble Translator.Nursing Central.Epocrates.MedScape.Adni (Gear and Resources for Nurses).SimpleNursing (NCLEX)

Nurses stay busier than just about anyone. So it’s only natural that they turn to the many apps that offer a little help organizing and streamlining their duties.

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the development of mobile apps designed specially for nurses. From apps that help improve accuracy in care, to those that promise increased efficiency, there are plenty of apps to consider.

Here are five of the most popular mobile apps for nurses. All of them are free and available in the Apple and Android stores.

Nurse.com App

This app is the only social networking app that’s exclusive to nurses. While using the app, fellow healthcare workers can build a community specifically designed by and for nurses. The app also provides an array of educational tools and resources.


The Adni app is perfect if you’re looking for community and where to get the latest gear in the marketplace. Used to sell and buy products, the Andi app is a digital resource for clinical tools, resources and shopping.

My Shift Planner

If you’re worried about your constantly changing schedule, the My Shift Planner app will send direct updates in real time, and allows you to see when your co-workers are working. It can also help with payroll issues and HR concerns.

MediBabble Translator

With the MediBabble Translator app, the days of struggling to communicate with patient who speak another language just got a lot easier. This app can communicate with patients in multiple languages and can be used for admissions, assessments, physical exams and more.


This app is designed to provide immediate clinical answers, the latest clinical news, tools, and information on diseases and drugs. The app offers step-by-step videos on procedures and safety information on over 9,000 prescriptions.