Nurse wins $50k lottery — twice! — using the same numbers

Maryland nurse’s lunchtime lottery run paid off big

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A Maryland nurse who goes by “Mr. Happy” is smiling all the way to the bank after racking up $50,000 in winnings from the lottery — for the second time.

The nurse, who prefers to remain anonymous, bought the ticket during his lunch break.

According to Shore News Network, the man is a Bonus Match 5 “enthusiast” who usually plays the same numbers. Mr. Happy’s lucky numbers are certainly very lucky, and he’s now won the drawing twice using the same numbers.

The odds of winning the Bonus Match 5 lottery is 1 in 575,757, according to

“I scanned the ticket using the lottery app before stepping into the house,” the man explained. “When it displayed ‘See Lottery,’ I knew it was a substantial win because that’s what it showed the last time I won.”

According to the Shore News Network, “Mr. Happy plans to use his prize for his sons’ tuition and for paying off home mortgage and bills.”

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