Careful, nurses, this 2-year-old is after your job

Toddler has been fascinated with all things medical since needing a breathing treatment a few months ago

Emma Anderson knows that when her patient — who is allergic to peanuts — goes into anaphylactic shock, an EpiPen is needed. As a nurse, she knows her job isn’t all fun and games.

Well, it’s mostly fun and games. After all, Emma is only 2 years old.

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According to her mother, Aleece Anderson, Emma is fascinated with all things medical, already possessing knowledge of terms, tools and practices.

Emma shares her “expertise” in videos her mom posts on TikTok .

“A few months ago, Emma got croup and was having a hard time breathing,” Anderson explained in the caption of one video. “The doctor prescribed her breathing treatments and ever since she has been fascinated by the nebulizer!”

The toddler shows viewers how to hook up a bottle of albuterol to a nebulizer, then treats her stuffed rabbit, telling the bunny, “Good job.”

In other videos, Emma explains what an otoscope and sphygmomanometer do, even pronouncing sphygmomanometer better than many adults would.

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Fluffy the bunny is usually Emma’s patient in the videos, needing everything from Neosporin and a bandage to a breathing treatment.

Anderson said neither she nor her husband works in medicine, and Emma’s “love for this profession truly came from her own experiences with nurses at doctors appts.”

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