Best work-from-home jobs for nurses, according to experts

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Ever since the pandemic, working from home has exploded in popularity throughout the country. While bedside nursing requires an on-the-job personal touch, there are many health care positions perfect for nurses looking for an opportunity to join the growing work-from-home trend., an organization of experienced nurses dedicated to providing nursing education and career information, has compiled a list of the best work-from-home jobs for nurses in 2023. From behavioral health case management to clinical care management, here is a look at some of the best work from from jobs available for nurses this year.

Behavioral health case manager

A work-from-home behavioral health case manager is responsible for managing the care of patients that are burdened by behavioral health issues. These health care professionals collect and review medical information on their patients to assist in determining each patient’s treatment.

While some behavioral health case managers get by with nothing more than a bachelor’s degree, it is suggested that interested nurses have a master’s degree in sociology, psychology or social work for this career path — which earns an annual salary of $93,650 on average.

Certified diabetes care and education specialist

A certified diabetes care and education specialist helps guide patients newly diagnosed with diabetes. The Certification Board for Diabetes Care and Education oversees the specialist credentialing for this position, which requires 15 hours of diabetes-related continuing education within two years prior to applying for the certification.

These health care heroes earn roughly $80,500 every year.

Clinical appeals nurse

Clinical appeals nurses work on the side of patients when their claim for medical care is rejected by insurance. These nurses provide medical evidence to support their patients’ appeals to their insurance providers to ultimately ensure their patients receive the medical care they need.

Clinical appeals nurses earn an average $64,630 annually and require a nursing degree, licensing and knowledge of medical coding.

Clinical care manager

Earning $92,500 a year, clinical care managers earn the second most out of the work-from-home nursing positions on this list. Clinical care managers often work with patients, clinical staff and healthcare providers to coordinate medical care.

To be a clinical care manager, nurses will need to master their communication and leadership skills, as well as their clinical skills.