Analysis: Georgia’s working dads have it slightly better than working moms

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Annual ranking by financial website WalletHub puts Peach State near bottom 10

The good news, working dads, is you have it better than working moms here in Georgia. The bad news, according to WalletHub, is you have it only slightly better.

In May, the financial website placed Georgia No. 43 in its annual ranking of best and worst states for working mothers. Now, in honor of Father’s Day, WalletHub has analyzed all 50 states and the District of Columbia across four key dimensions — economic and social well-being, work-life balance, child care, and health — to determine 2022′s best and worst cities for working dads.

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Those four dimensions were then evaluated using 23 relevant metrics, each of which was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for working dads.

“Many families now have two working parents who are both trying to be reliable and competent employees as well as loving and engaged parents. Many working dads are struggling to find a successful work-life balance, especially during the pandemic and its ever-changing landscape,” said Kate Gawlik, associate professor of clinical nursing; director of undergraduate health and wellness academic programming; co-director of bachelor of science in health and wellness; and project manager of Million Hearts at College of Nursing – Ohio State University. “In addition, working dads have had to be more flexible, adaptable and resilient in the past two years than ever before. Many of them have had to adapt to changing work environments and take on additional responsibilities at home.”

Georgia’s working dads aren’t very successful at finding a work-life balance, according to WalletHub’s analysis. The Peach State finished No. 50 in that dimension.

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Overall, Georgia ranked No. 40, with a score of 40.00. That’s three spots better than how it ranked in the working mom analysis. In the other three key dimensions, the state finished:

  • Economic and social well-being: 34th
  • Child care: 30th
  • Health: 39th

So, where do working dads have it the best? That would be Massachusetts, which finished with a score of 69.53. Garnering not even half that many points — 33.19 — was Louisiana, which came in last place.