ANA officially recognizes cannabis nursing as a specialty practice

The American Nurses Association officially recognizes cannabis nursing as a specialty practice.

Cannabis nursing focuses on the “care of health care consumers seeking education and guidance in the therapeutic use of cannabis,” according to the American Cannabis Nurses Association.

“ANA is pleased to officially recognize cannabis nursing practice as a nursing specialty,” ANA president Jennifer Mensik Kennedy said in a press release. “This recognition highlights the essential role and special contribution of cannabis nurses to the health care system and promotes enhanced integration of cannabis therapies for health care consumers across diverse health care settings.”

The ACNA states its mission is to advance excellence in cannabis nursing practice through advocacy, collaboration, education, research, and policy development.

“We are deeply gratified by the groundbreaking establishment of cannabis nursing as an ANA-recognized nursing specialty,” ACNA president Rachel Parmelee said in the release.

“Nurses are the largest group of health professionals, providing an opportunity to change the health care paradigm and include diverse wellness modalities beyond traditional Western medicine,” she added. “Cannabis nursing requires specialized knowledge and competencies to navigate care and address the stigma associated with medical cannabis use to support a healthy society. We seek to create lasting, transformative change that enriches both specialized and general nursing practices, ultimately serving the well-being of patients nationwide.”

In its position statement, ANA reports marijuana has been used for alleviating nausea and vomiting; stimulating appetite in HIV patients; alleviating chronic pain; decreasing symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and psychosis; relieving intraocular pressure from glaucoma; and more.

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