10 great gift ideas for the nurse in your life

From making their workday easier to helping them unwind, these products will be welcomed by many

If you want to treat a nurse with a special gift for the holidays, we got you covered.

From making their workday easier to helping them unwind after a long shift, these gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile on your nurse’s face.

Stethoscope case

This case prevents a stethoscope from getting damaged or scratched and keeps a nurse’s important tool safe from harm. Respiratory Therapy Zone rates the BOVKE stethoscope case at No.1 because its shock-proof, sturdy and has extra room for other supplies. The case comes in eight colors, can easily be carried and is the perfect addition to your nurse’s workstation.

“I never owned a case for my stethoscope until now, and I wish I had sooner! Typically, I would just throw my stethoscope in to my ‘clinical’ bag along with all my other things … and then dig all my stuff out each day,” one reviewer wrote on Amazon.com. “However, after doing this after many years I realized the wear and tear that my stethoscope was suffering from because I wasn’t caring for it as much as I should have… . I bought this bag to protect it from all the other stuff in my clinical bag and I am glad I did!”

Credit: Amazon.com

Credit: Amazon.com


Nurses spend a majority of their shift on their feet, walking between rooms and around the hospital. While their shift can be exhausting, a Fitbit can track their steps and motivate them during their workday. Depending on the version you buy, a Fitbit can track sleeping patterns, monitor heart levels, receive texts and calls, track location, and check oxygen levels, according to Medical News Today. While maintaining the health of others, nurses can often forget to take care of themselves. A Fitbit can remind them to prioritize their health and can show in real time when they’re feeling stressed.

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Studies have shown that using aromatherapy can reduce anxiety and increase sleep quality. Gift your nurse a diffuser to help them relax after work. According to the New York Times, the best diffuser for aromatherapy is the Urpower 2nd Gen 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. The diffuser has seven LED colors, 4 mist timer modes, can last up to seven hours and automatically shuts off when finished.

For an added bonus, buy a couple essential oils to go with your diffuser. Not sure which one to choose? According to Healthline, lavender is the best for relaxation, chamomile for sleep, orange for meditation, sandalwood for anxiety, clary sage for stress, lemon for lifting their mood, bergamot for diffusing and jasmine for depression.

Credit: Amazon.com

Credit: Amazon.com

Foot massager

As mentioned earlier, nurses are always on their feet. A nice foot massager could reduce tension and rejuvenate their feet before their next shift. Forbes rated Best Choice Products Foot Massager as the top foot massager. This remote-controlled foot massager is portable, targets different points on the feet, and has different modes to choose from.

“I bought this for my husband who is on his feet working 14 hours a day hoping it would be a relief and save from any of the messes the ones with the warm water always make. This thing is amazing. The pressure is perfect, the rollers hit all the right places, and the nice open concept of it make it easy to be able to move your feet back and forth through them to where you want/need it the most. It can be propped up to get all along the calves or laid out to work those aching muscles of the arms or elbow.…” one reviewer commented on Amazon.

Hand lotion

Repeated washing during a 12-hour shift can cause dryness and chafing, which is why nurses need to take care of their hands. Help your gift recipient out by buying a hand lotion that moisturizes and rejuvenates. Nurse Money Talk rates O’Keefe’s Working Hands Cream as the the best for nurses. The cream is hypoallergenic, unscented and repairs dry, cracked hands.

“I normally don’t leave a review but felt this product deserved it. I am a full-time caregiver, and I am constantly washing my hands leaving them severely cracked, bleeding and in pain. I received working hands yesterday used it right away and my hands look brand new! I have used countless other products, and nothing has helped until now,” a reviewer said on Amazon.

Meal kit delivery subscription

This gift is one that just keeps giving. The hardest part about cooking is figuring out what to make. Luckily, a meal kit figures that part out and comes with every ingredient you’ll need, cutting out a trip to the grocery store. There are plenty to choose from, but, according to CNET, the best overall meal kit is Blue Apron. In addition, CNET said the best for picky eaters and families is Home Chef; the least expensive is EveryPlate; purchase Gobble for fast, easy to prep meals; HelloFresh if you need to pay attention to allergies; Green Chef for organic foods; and Purple Carrot for vegetarians. Based on the option you choose, you can gift a subscription for a year, month, or for a few weeks.

Cellphone sanitizer

After working in a hospital all day, the last thing you want to do is bring germs home. One in 6 cellphones have fecal matter on them, and cellphones have been found to be 10 times dirtier than the toilet. This is where a phone sanitizer may come in handy. According to LifeWire, the PhoneSoap v3 is considered the best overall phone sanitizer. This sanitizer comes in five colors, can kill up to 99.9% of germs and cleans other items like jewelry, eyeglasses, keys and wallets.

“I work for a medical office and handle a lot of patients on the daily basis…With COVID-19 going around, I have been extra careful with what I touch and want I need to sanitize after. Since I received this product, I have it set up near my front door so I can easily drop my phone inside as soon as I walk thru the doors then wait 10 minutes…Definitely would recommend this for all essential workers who use their phones a lot while on the job,” a reviewer wrote on Amazon.

A bag for work

Nurses often have to bring many things to and from work. Nurse Money Talk named the Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag as the top-rated bag for nurses. This bag comes in various colors, is stain-resistant and durable. This bag can fit anything a nurse needs for the day, including lunch, water, a laptop, documents and your nursing tools.

“I love this bag. It fits everything I need for a shift, including a decent size lunchbox and water bottle. Now I can have everything on one place, instead of struggling with multiple things at once. Has just enough pockets and zippers and it looks great too. Highly recommend,” a reviewer commented on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon.com

Credit: Amazon.com

Reusable wristband for notes

This silicone memo wrist band is perfect to quickly jot down notes during the day. This allows nurses to keep track of patients’ info, gather their to-do list and erase once they’re done. Even if they wash their hands, their notes won’t come off, but can erase once you need to use it again. Gift an oil-based ballpoint pen with it for best use.

“I ordered these to wear at work for vital signs and when the Dr I work for has orders and I don’t have paper to write on at that moment. It works great! Shared them with my co-workers as well,” a reviewer wrote on Amazon.

A box of blessings

Sometimes, you need a little motivation to get you through you day. The 101 Blessings for Nurses Box offers inspiration for the nurse in your life when they need it. If you’d rather do a DIY version, all you need is a mason jar and several slips of paper. Write down little reminders to your nurse about how much you appreciate them or any other motivational notes. Place all the slips of paper in your mason jar and gift to your nurse.

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