Michelle Obama boosts Warnock’s Senate runoff campaign

Former first lady Michelle Obama is helping U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock energize voters in his Dec. 6 runoff contest against Republican Herschel Walker. It’s her first foray into Georgia politics this cycle and one of only a handful of endorsements she’s issued this year.

It comes days before her husband, former President Barack Obama, headlines a rally for Warnock in Atlanta to boost turnout in the last election of the 2022 campaign.

Michelle Obama taped two robo-calls urging likely Warnock supporters to cast their ballots. One encourages Georgians to vote during the early voting period, which ends Friday. Another is an Election Day reminder for voters who haven’t already cast their ballots.

“This election is going to be very close, and there are a lot of folks on the other side hoping you stay home,” she said. “But we need you to get out and vote one more time for Raphael Warnock. Rev. Warnock will always fight for Georgia, and in the Senate he’s proven he can get things done.”

Michelle Obama is not expected to join her husband’s in-person rally with Warnock, who has relied on few national surrogates to promote his campaign against Walker. Instead, the Democrat has sought to make the race a contrast between him and his Republican opponent.

But Warnock’s campaign hopes the former first lady can help mobilize liberal Democrats as well as Republicans and independents uneasy with Walker. Gallup polling showed she left the White House with a 68% approval rating and was named the outlet’s “most admired woman” for three consecutive years.

The early-voting message:

The Election Day message: