Podcast: Reacting to our 2020 predictions for Georgia politics

On this episode, what we predicted would happen this year vs. what actually did

Credit: TNS

Credit: TNS

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Late last year, host Greg Bluestein and AJC reporter Tamar Hallerman looked back at the biggest stories of 2019 and made predictions for the biggest stories of 2020 in Georgia politics. The election year followed impeachment, the early retirement of a U.S. Senator, an appointment to his seat, the anti-abortion heartbeat bill, shifting politics in the state, among many other things.

In this episode of the Politically Georgia podcast, we look back at some of our political predictions for 2020 and see how right or wrong we were and discuss the biggest stories we didn’t predict.

The AJC recently launched AJC Senate Watch, a new feature designed to help readers sort through claims being made by candidates in the Senate runoff election in Georgia on Jan. 5. Senate Watch looks closely at what the candidates and campaigns are saying about their opponents and pointing out the facts and distortions.

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