Intern falls asleep on second day of work, memes go viral

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Sometimes, it's hard to keep your eyes open while you're at work, especially if it's on a Monday.

Even still, most people make serious efforts to be fully engaged and productive within their first few weeks at a company.

It's a chance to prove that you're a valuable, hardworking employee and that the business made a smart decision by hiring you.

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But one college-aged intern fell asleep on the job -- on his second day.

Eduard Paraschivescu, who interns for GSoft Technologies, a tech startup in Montreal, said he was sleeping so hard, someone had to check his pulse to make sure he was still alive.

"Apparently, for the entire 25 (that) I was sleeping, (my coworkers) were laughing, they were dropping boxes next to me," Paraschivescu told CTV Network.

His employees took a group selfie with the college student and posted it to the company's Facebook for laughs. But none of them -- or Paraschivescu -- would've guessed it'd blow up in the way it did.

According to CNN, the photo landed on a Reddit page called Photoshop Battles. From there, the photo was manipulated into dozens of scenarios with Paraschivescu's sleeping face.

"I could've done a million other things to get known at the company rather than that," Paraschivescu said.

But he's not worried that his unplanned nap will have dire consequences.

"It's one of their company statements having fun at work, and (the other workers) did " he said.

Paraschivescu said he has anemia, which causes him to fall asleep easily, but now, in an effort to avoid the embarrassing incident again, he'll keep many forms of caffeine on his desk.

Et oui, c'est arrivé chez GSOFT.En passant, on recrute d'autres stagiaires...#yesimatwork

Posted by GSOFT on Thursday, February 4, 2016