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Replace Biden with someone who can govern competently

If the Democratic Party is sincere in its assertion that former President Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the future of the U.S. constitutional rule of law, then its response to the recent debate debacle requires the replacement of President Joe Biden on the 2024 ticket with a candidate who can persuade the electorate of the ability to govern competently.

The hour is late, the logistics daunting and, the creation of internal political animosity and bruised egos a near certainty. But to do otherwise is to debase any sense of national urgency to the level of empty rhetoric and political delusion. In other words, business as usual.


Biden no longer capable of presidential duties

President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance confirmed how much he has degenerated physically and mentally these past few years. His defenders say it was just a one-off night, and he had a cold. They claim it was just 90 minutes of stammering, losing his train of thought and mixing up subjects and, most of all, not being mentally capable of defending the Democrats’ point of view.

Do they think the voters do not have eyes and ears and memories? We’ve watched the president fall up and down steps, fall off his bike, not be able to exit a stage, freeze in place in public and not be able to participate in a give-and-take with reporters. The early debate was supposed to prove Biden was fit to govern another four years. Instead, the genie is out of the bottle, and there is no putting it back. Biden proved he is no longer capable of performing the duties of president.