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These are our choices for president? Unbelievable!

I started voting in 1954 and have not seen the likes of this election for president.

President Biden, who has been declared to be an old man incapable of making rational decisions, has just challenged an aged, alleged criminal, who is under a gag order, to debate him on national TV. These are our choices for president?

Biden says inflation is getting better, keeps our borders open to get more votes and gives our benefits to them, supports Israel but finances Iran’s proxy war against Israel, etc., etc.

Former president Donald Trump is smart but has a big mouth and doesn’t know how to run a government.

Democrats managed to make Trump the victim through eight years of continual harassment. They must want him to be president.

The GOP wanted something better. It’s stuck with a choice of bad or worse.


Falling homicide rates give Democrats advantage on crime

Following the crime wave of 2020, President Biden’s American Rescue Plan provided the means for states and localities to invest money in hiring police officers and expanding community violence intervention programs. Under then-President Trump, murder rates rose 30% between 2019 and 2020, the largest jump since 1905.

That trend has reversed under Biden. The number of homicides in major American cities is falling at its quickest pace in decades. The nation is on track to see one of the lowest levels of violent crimes and homicides since President Obama was in office. Community-based crime-prevention programs at the local level are bearing fruit.

Crime is an issue on which Republicans regularly edge Democrats. But falling homicide rates could flip that advantage. On the campaign trail, when the former president is ranting about crime, he must be having a flashback to his tenure, when the murder rate was yet another crisis he couldn’t handle.