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Without change, country headed for economic chaos

A letter in the Dec. 19 AJC stated low unemployment and a record stock market indicate the country is not in economic chaos. While the country is not in economic chaos, it is headed for such, absent a significant change in direction in the next few years. The stock market is high in part due to TINA (there is no alternative), as record-low interest rates make bonds and CDs unappealing investments when inflation is running at an annual rate of over 5 percent. Although you won’t hear about it in the press, much of the current inflation is due to quantitative easing (i.e., money printing with the money used to buy Treasury securities — driving down interest rates and other debt obligations). The Fed was gradually buying the outstanding public federal debt to raise rates without potential insurrection. It got up to 25 percent, and inflation caught up. While the printer is supposed to shut down slowly, there are no proposals from either side to reduce future spending, which is anticipated to outgrow future revenue increases. It’s only a matter of time until the printer is back on.


Liz Cheney wants to be President

I could vote for her. Her position on Jan. 6 is to expand her name recognition and to prove she doesn’t want to appear as a Trump sympathizer. And that’s okay. She’s a Republican and supports Republican values, and nowhere do I see any support for Biden and the Democrats.

I supported her dad - approved of his tactics in dealing with our enemies. And Liz was no fan of Obama. So, let her exercise her political muscle while in the vice-chair of the investigation that will finally fizzle out. But her name is gaining recognition.