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Stop hiding Georgia’s beautiful roadside scenery with billboards

It was such a pleasant drive when driving to Boston from the Philadelphia area via the Garden State Parkway. The beautiful trees turned multiple colors. It made for a pleasant journey. But then I realized we in Atlanta and throughout our state have more trees and beauty than I was enjoying -- but no, we aren’t allowed to savor our beauty because the roads are plagued with billboards blocking the view and distracting the drivers.

Stop hiding the roadside view of our state. Trash the billboards. Many states, none as beautiful as Georgia, have done it.


Max Cleland was true American hero

Fellow Vietnam veterans, we have lost one of our very own. A Georgian, yes, but a true American hero first, who demonstrated how to cope with extremely tough times. Surely, his times after the war were harder to navigate for U.S. Army Capt. Max Cleland than any Vietnam veteran who came home alive. God bless you, Max, for everything that you stood for in your service to the people of Georgia, the United States, and most especially, your fellow veterans, who so greatly love and appreciate your strong sense of integrity, your gallantry and your self-sacrifice. And God bless you, Max, for showing many of us how to be strong in broken places.


Max Cleland was a caring friend to many

Some would call Max Cleland a hero. He is a hero and more. He was a friend, a caring person, one wrapped in this nation’s historical facts and a leader.

I was fortunate to be a U.S. Army physical therapist when he entered Walter Reed General Hospital on his return from Vietnam. I was honored to work with him before he left for the Veterans Administration hospital to begin the real work of rehabilitation.

If I could describe Max in one sentence, it would be that he was a people collector. Even if he weren’t famous, he would have been the same person and would have gathered many friends over the years. His robust laugh rings still in my ears, and I will always be grateful for his friendship.


Governor’s lawsuit will hinder increased vaccination

Once again, our governor has placed party politics over public safety in his irresponsible lawsuit opposing federal regulations requiring vaccination or testing of employees of federal contractors and health care workers. He has taken this action despite Georgia having one of the worst vaccination records in the United States. The only way to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic is by greatly increasing the vaccination rate in Georgia, across the country, and worldwide. We Georgians have a right to expect our governor to be a leader in overcoming this continuing public health crisis. But instead, Gov. Kemp has filed a lawsuit that would hinder increased vaccination, again making Georgia part of the problem instead of part of the solution.


Poor decision to cancel schools for Braves parade

I am disappointed in the county school superintendents that canceled school on Friday, Nov. 5, for the Braves parade and celebration. It’s terrific that the Braves won. I’m a fan. I watched the games. Calling off school, though, with such short notice was a poorly made decision. This caused hardship for thousands of working parents in the metro area. Many were financially affected by this bad move. Did any school system employees go without pay on Friday? I think not! Our children’s education is very important. We need school leadership that can make sound decisions.