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Loeffler ignores facts against Trump

In reference to Kelly Loeffler’s op-ed (AJC, Feb. 21): Loeffler overlooks the facts in the case against Trump by impugning the motivations of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. While Willis’ actions might deserve her being removed from the case (to be determined in a court of law), the facts of the case remain and the grand jury issued indictments and judgment based on that should be rendered. In the meantime, Loeffler seeks to provide more Teflon for “the Don(ald).”


Loeffler doesn’t mention her part in election interference

So MAGA dingbat Kelly Loeffler opines that, “For all their talk of democracy, Democrats have made clear they will use the courts for their agenda when the ballot fails to get their result.” Simply amazing.

In fact, news reports state, “The Georgia special grand jury report details the investigation into alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. The report recommended criminal charges for 39 people, including South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham and former Georgia senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.”


Loeffler ignores real politicization of courts

So Kelly Loeffler thinks Democrats use the courts to get their way. What a joke. She, like all MAGA Republicans, will claim anything that doesn’t go with their beliefs. Such as cult leader Trump is a hero being attacked for trying to end democracy. The U.S. Supreme Court is restricting the enforcement of environmental laws to safeguard clean air and water in favor of big business, and that’s okay. Females of all ages have no reproductive rights, and it’s okay.


‘Rich girl’ Loeffler goes too far

Isn’t it rich that Kelly Loeffler would write in to condemn the “profitable affair” between Fani Willis and Nathan Wade? She is the perfect MAGA representative to claim that such a workplace romanc must have an ulterior, improper financial motive. (Unlike her courtship and marriage to the boss, of course.) And who better than Kelly knows a “lavish vacation” when she sees one?

Loeffler offers no support for claiming Attorney Wade is “underqualified and overpaid.” His resume is appropriate for the job, and his rate is a bargain, no doubt a fraction of the rate she is accustomed to paying to lawyers. Nor does she offer how this personal relationship would impact the prosecutors’ ability to pursue the case. It’s up to a jury ultimately to decide whether the “big lie” and coordinated efforts to steal the election amount to a crime.

As Hall & Oates would say: “You’re a rich girl, and you’ve gone too far.” And you know the rest.

The editorial board is to be congratulated for its use of irony.


Case against Willis not about race or sexism

Recent AJC articles about Fani Willis’s abuse of position and power lean toward favoring her condescending attitude toward the court and its proceedings and the prosecutors and an inherent “chip on her shoulder” attitude toward her position in society today. Sadly, the only regional newspaper has to align itself and most of its positions with stark Leftist ideology.

This is not a case involving racism, nor does it involve or should it involve the “me too” movement. It is plain and simple: two officials violated county and state laws and rules governing hiring practices and spending practices.

These rules and laws were not made up by envious Democrats and emotionally supporting activists, all under the indoctrinating influence of the mainstream media aimed at destroying a political competitor. These rules and laws were made up to protect taxpaying citizens from corrupt, ego-centric government officials. A free press should be open and unbiased in its presentation of issues.