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Preserving history includes darker side of same story

Over the years, we’ve heard a distinct cry in the South to “preserve our heritage!” Many have big issues with statues of Confederates being replaced by more contemporary leaders and accomplished citizens. They think their history is being erased even though it’s just been given a proper context.

So, why is it that these same “history preservers” are in favor of banning books or lessons about race, inclusion, diversity and the involvement of many of their ancestors in acts or mindsets counter to what America should represent? They want to cherry-pick the parts of history that make them feel warm and fuzzy about the Lost Cause while they seek to force others not to mention, teach or write about the darker side of that same story.

The South lost, the Klan was real, Jackie Robinson was real, and no matter how hard some folks try to hide those facts, they won’t go away. History is “all in,” whether we like it or not.


Voters deserve more than Biden’s ‘OK’ rating overseas

I love that Paul Krugman (“Relatively, Biden’s approval rating OK,” Opinion, May 19) had to look overseas to glean favorable opinions regarding President Biden. Of course, Krugman elided Russian President he fact that Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have accomplish much on Biden’s watch, as Biden falters — in every sense of the word.

But Krugman says cheer up, Americans! It could be worse. Some foreign leaders trail Biden’s results. And no matter what you feel about high prices, high crime and a porous border allowing countless intruders — many intending you and the country harm — the United States is still leading various Western countries in some key economic measures.

Unfortunately for Krugman — and for Biden — voters don’t have doctorates in economics, but they do have the good sense to realize what they are experiencing and whose policies and presidency are responsible for that.