Readers write

British give classy show of unity and respect to Queen Elizabeth

We have to hand it to our friends, the British. What a classy show of unity and respect millions paid for Queen Elizabeth over the last several days. While they have inflation, housing shortages and political concerns, and many believe the monarchy is a waste of money, millions of British set all that aside, came together, and showed the world that no one can out-pomp the British. It is opportune for this to happen now, as two years ago, this would have just been a big stay-at-home Zoom event. I did not see a single face mask in Westminster Abby.


New energy policy needed for Georgians to benefit from federal dollars

Conversion to clean energy is urgently needed to curb the worst impacts of climate change. But progress by homeowners and small businesses is thwarted by Georgia Public Service Commission policies prioritizing major utility company projects.

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act is a big step in the right direction. It creates federal tax credits and other incentives compelling crucial policy changes.

Rebates between 50% and 100% on high-efficiency heat pumps and water heaters are offered. Similarly, the IRA creates 30% rebates for domestic solar and battery storage and equivalent support for improving home insulation and repairs needed to reduce energy consumption.

IRA credits also cover 30% of community solar projects owned by local businesses and funds state and local governments adopting new energy-related building-code requirements, expected to save the average new Georgia homeowner 15% on utility bills— over $300 annually.

Both unique IRA opportunities and the imperatives of climate action justify new energy policies as a high priority in Georgia’s next legislative session.


Tax-exempt status should no longer apply to WellStar

It would be good to know if the federal or state authorities are evaluating WellStar’s continued tax-exempt status, given their recent closures of two low-income serving hospitals. WellStar enjoys tax-exempt status based on its provision of community benefits.

Either through incompetence or callous disregard for its mission, WellStar seems to have failed in this regard.

The authorities should investigate whether WellStar continues to qualify for its tax-exempt status.


Unlike his opponent, Sen. Warnock is a good and honest man

A letter (”Walker’s lack of campaign rebuttal is misunderstood,” Readers Write, Sept. 14) stated that Sen. Raphael Warnock supported inflation, open borders, criminal leniency, abortion, and anything President Biden proposed. Most of this is not true. It is true that Sen. Warnock has supported most of President Biden’s legislative initiatives, all of which have helped Americans in general and Georgians in particular. However, one can debate the effect of these legislative accomplishments. But, of course, Herschel Walker refuses to debate except on a very limited scale.

What cannot be debated, however, is the character of Sen. Warnock. He worked his way up from poverty to a doctorate. He occupies the pulpit of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. He is a good and honest man. You cannot say that about his opponent, a pawn of Donald Trump who has lied about almost every event in his past.


Walker’s policy stance more important than his resume

A letter writer (“Senate race puts Georgia in the spotlight,” Readers Write, Sept. 18) lauds Senator Warnock’s very impressive educational and professional background and seems stunned that Warnock is trailing “former athlete and college dropout” Herschel Walker in the polls. What the polls are capturing is not strength of resume but rather the two candidates’ profound policy differences. Walker will vote against the terrible progressive policies wrecking the country. By contrast, Warnock strongly supports the failing progressive agenda. Policy trumps candidates’ resumes any day.